Where’s My Snare?

No DIY to share today. I’m knee (waist? shoulder?) deep in this:

The bottom drawer of my remodeled master closet (one of the first “finished” projects I’ve ever done in this house) broke. Which should be an easy fix most of the time, but with the way the cabinet is built, the broken drawer spread the entire two side panels apart when someone (who shall remain nameless and as innocent as an angel) jammed the drawer back in place when it wouldn’t cooperate. So, since the two side panels are slightly off by about half an inch, the bottom two drawers won’t catch on the track slides, and needs a more time-consuming fix (aka more than hitting with a hammer, so I’m procrastinating more than I should).

But I realized: if I’m going to have to pull out the drawers to fix the cabinet, I might as well go through those drawers to get rid of clothes I don’t need or wear anymore. And if I’m going to actually have a small stack of stuff to give away, I may as well fill an entire bag (or two). And if I’m going to get enough of them together to haul to Goodwill, I may as well go through the baskets and get rid of anything else I don’t think is worth keeping.

Halloween stuff. Old handbags. A basket of shoes I thought I’d already gotten rid of. Yikes. My closet is now a closet bomb.

I’m realizing that I just as easily could have called this post “If You Give a Girl a Broken Drawer” (I have been accused of personifying this book more than a few times to know it’s an accurate assessment).

I’m also realizing I’m putting a completely trashy pic of my house on the internet… again. But you guys seem to love when I share the imperfect stuff (blogs are full of perfection, aren’t they? I get jealous too). So, here it is again (shudder).

For the next few days at least, it looks like part of my energy will be spent purging ALL THE THINGS. It’s long overdue, and it’s not just for my clothes/handbags/shoes. The kitchen will be having its own inventory as I’m washing dishes and putting things back into cabinets (things got a little dusty and I’m slowly cleaning everything within reach).

I’m also damn tired of eating off the cheap college-y crap I bought from Walmart five years ago, so I’m ready to have matching plates and glasses without logos on them like a grown-up. After all, I buy the good toilet paper and paper towels these days. #movingonup

I guess it’s all coming to more of an urgent item on the to-do list now that I’ve spent the last few months contemplating a move. Even though that’s been delayed a little longer than I first thought, the reality has sunk in. I think it’s all going to be simple until I am slapped in the face with having way too much shit for one person. Time to let go and simplify.

None of this is really all that appealing blog-wise, but I’m curious to know how others find themselves suddenly doing spring-ish cleaning at random times of the year. Does it just reach a point where you simply have to start chucking things in the trash? Do you mentally set dates on your calendar for purging? Does anyone have tips that don’t involve just throwing everything away and starting over? Spill.

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One Hell of an Arm Workout

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