When it comes to making progress on a house, it’s not always easy. The dust, the dirt, the mistakes, the clutter… the unfinished-ness of it all can be frustrating, and the bright spots of seeing progress seem temporary in comparison to the project-fueled mess that us DIYers often find ourselves in.

But today, I caught a sweet glimpse of my house that gave me that little spark of contentment—the pride of knowing that someday, this house really will become exactly as I see it in my mind’s eye.


It’s rare, and fleeting, and basically insignificant… just a nice little planted pot that I’ve—shockingly—been able to keep alive for the last couple of months. But there it sat, on my kitchen windowsill… which was beefed up with some molding some time ago… with some white subway tile from the kitchen backsplash underneath… looking out at my blooming azaleas and letting some sun in now that the trees are gone… So it was also pretty awesome. I try to snap a picture whenever it happens because I know that pretty soon, doubt and frustration will set in again, and I’ll only see the 1001 things still left to do. Like cleaning that window now that spring rain has made it dirty again (see? not even through a post).

But that glimpse… that short little peek into the future… is definitely worth it.

Happy Friday, friends. Take a little time this weekend to catch a glimpse of the house you’re working toward, and give yourself a pat on the back (or in my case, a beer) for a job well done.

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Completed: Imperfect Crown Molding (& A Tool To Share)

how to use a nail set

The laundry room crown is done! And much like any project that has ever intimidated me, it actually wasn't as bad as I'd made it out to be in my head (to those of you who made that exact comment on my last update about this room, I'll say it: you were right). Let's backtrack for a sec: when I bought the crown for the laundry room, I deliberately chose a small version of less than 2 inches in height. Mostly because when I first thought about installing it, I wasn't 100% sure if I would go all the way around the room, or just put one piece up on the wall that has an … ... READ MORE

The Azaleas Bloomed!


It's no secret that as far as gardening is concerned, I'm still a beginner. Or even less than a beginner. A nonstarter? A plant killer? Anyway, point is, I was a little fearful that the trauma my azaleas experienced earlier this spring might keep them from blooming. Which trauma, you might ask? This: I mean, if 2,000 pounds of tree landed on top of me, I don't think I'd be doing much of anything, either. But, it turns out, these beauties are a hell of a lot stronger than I ever anticipated. Without the trees though, they are awkwardly placed around the back … ... READ MORE

Laundry Room Progress: Lights, Crown, and Shelf Pondering

new things laundry room

For the last week or two, I briefly mentioned that I was working on a couple of updates in the laundry room. I'm not even close to finished with the room yet, but thought today would be a good time for some progress pics. Let's start with the new stuff: New light fixture: I bought a new light for the laundry room ages ago from West Elm, and it was supposed to come in "satin nickel"... but I left it in the box for much too long to have ever returned it, and discovered later that it's got a hell of a lot more of a chrome look to it than anything resembling satin... or … ... READ MORE

How to Turn Favorite Quotes Into Art with a Watercolor Border

watercolor border

Happy Monday, folks. Thought I'd share a quick DIY with you today while I finish up some updates in the laundry room and kitchen. Remember the #craftnado I mentioned last Monday? I've been trying each month to do a small DIY project that is more on the creative side, and for March, I decided to experiment with some watercolor art that also displayed some of my favorite quotes. Only after this project, I liked the border so much, I can't decide which quote is worthy of this kind of treatment (does anything like that ever happen to you?) While I ponder that a little while … ... READ MORE

Five Years Ago…

dining room

Five years ago today, I published my very first blog post. It was a first of many... and wasn't really all that kind to the previous owner... and I had a lot to learn about blogging. But what I also didn't know at the time was how random and wonderful this journey would have been. I took a little time to reflect today on my "blogiversary" — the significance of it, the simultaneous ridiculousness of it, and in between — and ultimately, all I could come out with was grateful. When I started this blog, it was an honest-to-god way of preventing what had happened so … ... READ MORE

Damn You, Lowes (& Other Fun Things)

lowes flowers

I can always feel a little somethin' missing when I haven't posted in a while. What can I say? I'm chatty. Anyway, these past two weeks have been a little more unpredictable than most. While it wouldn't be fair for me to share other people's business on the blog (at least, not until they gave the ok), sometimes, you just need to be there for the people who have been there for you. And that's how I find myself instead on Instagram, posting all sorts of randomly connected things: 1. Damn You, Lowes. You did it to me again, Lowes. I go to your store, just to get ideas, … ... READ MORE

How to To Remove Paint from Windows

how to remove paint from windows

Ever since cutting down the pine trees a couple weeks ago, the weather in Atlanta has been somewhat mucky. Rain hasn't always been pouring, but the threat of it loomed for about ten days, which made everything seem even more drab than before. Plus, rain always makes me lazy and choose to stay in bed rather than DIY. So, once the sun was finally going to come out again this weekend (hooray, spring!), I felt somewhat obligated to take advantage of it and get at least something done. That's all it takes. Just telling myself that something is better than nothing seems to be … ... READ MORE

Fun (and Fury) with Logos

Other logo options

Ahh, logos. For design geeks like me, the way a logo and website design comes together can be a lot of fun to witness. But lately, I've been dealing with the most difficult client I've ever had, and I find myself really struggling not to slap her. This client? You know her. She's the one writing this post. I have become my own worst client. For the last few months, I've been working on a new blog design for this site. Many of you long-time readers already know that for the last couple of years, I've been designing blogs and small business websites for a handful of … ... READ MORE