Let’s go to (the) Paris (House)

Design ideas are everywhere – just take my friend Lindsey’s guest bathroom!

With a name like Paris, it’s only fitting to pay tribute to the beautiful city in her decor.  When she and her husband first bought the house, their big vanity mirror was covered in wood wrapped with raffia in each corner.  How very western of the previous owner, no?  Thanks to using hot glue as the way to adhere the frame to the mirror, Lindsey had a dilemma:  all of the work of removing this ugliness was going to be time-consuming – could she make it work some other way?  Some black paint and ribbon was all it took to dress up the vanity, and here are the results!

I really like the small animal print shade on the countertop lamp, and the black-white-gray color scheme.  I also like the “Paris” lettering and artwork which really ties it all together.  Nice job Lindsey!

Lindsey also created a clever storage solution for towels using a small black wine rack.  It’s often hard to fit items into the narrow spaces bathrooms typically have, and this option really works!  I love the little finials at the top of each of the legs.

The color scheme and delicate touches of this room makes it appear airy and clean, which is why it feels so inviting despite the lack of warm color in the space.  Merci beaucoup for sending these pics Linds, sometime soon I hope I have a similarly fresh-looking bathroom for all of my guests!

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