Stuck, Unstuck

The door to our master bedroom has been irritating Scott and I since we moved in.

As the house settles over time, frames around doors and windows can shift, which caused our bedroom door to stick.  Every day, we would have to yank and pull on the door to get it open or slam it shut to get it to close.  During the painting process of the trim in the upstairs hallway, it cause an additional issue: the paint kept getting scraped away when pulling open the door.

While I began the bedroom painting process, Scott decided it was the perfect time to fix the sticking problem once and for all.  He took our small “mouse” sander and planed the doorway down.  This minor change makes a far less frustrating morning when getting the house ready to leave the dog alone while we go off to work.

Now that it’s no longer scraping the paint from the door, I can make a final finished coat and continue with the rest of the trim.


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