Happy belated Independence Day to everyone out in blogland!  You may have noticed, but I have been absent as of late due to a family emergency and then a much-needed holiday break.

During this time, while Scott and I were out of town, it seems my house had a mission:  it decided to interrupt our regularly scheduled home renovation to bring us:

  • a broken downstairs toilet – it’s only the chain, so this can be easily fixed
  • a broken garbage disposal – it buzzes… I’m not sure what’s wrong here, but the motor seems to be incapacitated
  • a leaky master bathroom tub – I’m pretty sure this will be a mold problem in no time

Out of those three, the bathroom tub problem is obviously our new #1 priority.  I’m not sure just how much damage we’ll have to deal with – the floor creaks underneath the ugly 70′s-style linoleum floor, so there could be further unseen damage.  The creaking floor is not a new occurrence, but my noticing a small amount of water on the outside of the tub is.  Because this is our upstairs floor, I have gone downstairs to see if there is any accumulating water stains on the ceiling beneath the bathroom, and I see nothing to concern ourselves with.  So, I’m praying that this will be a small problem to fix.  At this point, I’m glad we had already decided to rip up the floor and put in new tile… finding a water leak after all the installation is complete would be a lot more worrisome!

If anyone out there has any leaky plumbing-related tips, please feel free to add a comment and post your link.  Thanks in advance for any advice!

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