Chalk It Up To Boredom

Planning for our housewarming party is just around the corner (I hope), and I’ve decided that I want our guests to feel welcome from the moment they walk in the door.

So, how about taking that literally, and creating a sign that says “welcome” right in the front entryway?

I found this little guy hanging out with the more grown-up picture frames at our local Goodwill.  And it was 75% off the marked price.

Hmm.  Not exactly my style (bears in hats????), but I think I can change that.  I’ve got a can of chalkboard paint I’ve been dying to try out.

I started with a few coats of spray paint on the frame (Krylon’s Gloss spray paint in Almond, to be exact)…but it wasn’t quite right.  I dove into my craft paints and dry brushed varying shades of white and ivory until I saw a finish I could live with.
Scott helped me out by cutting some MDF (remember where it was before?) to fit the frame, which I then treated with several coats of the chalkboard paint.

Attach the frame to the painted MDF, and voila!  Now we have a place in our hallway to greet our guests.  I can’t wait to see what funny things they’ll write on here (please no goofy images…you know who you are!).

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