Can’t Help But Dream

What seems like a very long time ago (even though it was less than a year), I’ve been dreaming about once again having a soothing, elegant bathroom.  Kinda like the huge one I had in my one bedroom apartment.

Ever since I said goodbye to that spa-like space (changing of course for the three-bedroom-plus-cheaper-mortgage-payment home that we now live in), I’ve had this image of my bathroom’s potential:

I love the gray, I love the tile, I love the pink in contrast to the gray-green walls.  I l-o-v-e the clean, airy-yet-cozy feeling.  The only thing I’m not sure about?  The gold.  I think it really sets off that cabinet (blue-toned gray with yellow gold makes it pop), but I don’t think I can do gold fixtures.  Too 90s, right?  But in this bath, it looks updated and fresh.  What are your thoughts?


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    Beautiful. I agree with you on the gold, but from what I've seen/heard, gold is coming back in! Right now it's all about mixing metals, but not so much, I think, in the cabinet handle department…


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    I have heard that gold fixtures/hardware is coming back 'in' too, but I really think it depends on your personal taste, and the overall feel you are want for the room.

    Personally, our house is/was full of gold fixtures & hardware, and I cannot wait to get rid of them.

    I love the rest of this room though, so relaxing!

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    I love that bathroom. In response to the gold hardware though, I can't handle gold fixtures. They look dated to me. I think if you put silver on the cabinets, it would look great against that color of blue-grey.

    when I did my bathroom renovation, I got a lot of great advice from charles and hudson's website. just a tip.

    can't wait to see your bathroom look this great!

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