Swoon: Yellow Rugs

I am really loving yellow rugs recently.  Maybe because it’s so cold outside and I’m longing for the sun.  Or maybe because it reminds me so much of the inspiration pic I chose a long time ago.  And the good news is that they seem to be everywhere lately.

1. Andalusia Rug; 2. Trellis Rug; 3. Thomas Paul Flock Corn Rug; 4. Marrakesh Rug; 5. Wadi Rug; 6. Facet Rug; 7. Arabesque Rug

And my absolute favorite, one I’ll be eyeing for the next few months (hoping and praying that it doesn’t sell out and goes on sale):

I like it so much, I added it to my “Loving…” list on the right sidebar.  Are you loving the bright, sunny yellow too?  Or do you think it’s a symptom of the weather?  What have you been swooning over lately?

See more rugs on my Pinterest board (and be prepared to grab a napkin to wipe the drool).


  1. says

    I think one more pop of bright color at my place would cause seizures in my readers, but you have so many warm tones and neutrals that it would be perfect.

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