Bathroom Progress Pics

I have finally ended the first step of my master bathroom makeover.  I have successfully removed each and every scrap of horrid wallpaper that once existed.  Now what’s left is the horrid mess underneath, which must be spackled, sanded, primed, and painted.


It may not look it now, but this is an improvement.


You may or may not have been around when I first mentioned that the former owner of the UD house (or “ugg-duck” as I’m starting to call it), but she had a habit for doing some bizarre things around the house.  No screws for those window treatments?  No problem – rusty nails are just as good.

It’s about that time to get another Tetanus shot.

I may be a little worse for wear, but as you are well aware by now, I’m used to having paint and dust in my hair.  I’ll check back in soon with you as soon as I can show you something that actually looks better than this!


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    The same woman must have inhabited my home as well! Hang in there, I'm going through the same thing. I ended up removing the popcorn ceiling as well. Thankfully, I'm down to my last coat of paint!

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