I’m a Liar (Sort Of)

When I gave you a full tutorial last week on how to skim coat drywall, I failed to show you a picture of the final look of the bathroom.

And there’s a reason for that:  I’m. still. sanding.

As nice as it is to be done with a project, the unfortunate thing is that it takes time to get there.  This ain’t HGTV, and it’s just little ol’ me working on this room.  You can’t use an animation screen for the Before to presto change-O into the After.  It is taking effort.  And my arms (and skin) will only stand so much in one night.  But hey, two walls are nearly finished!  Which leaves… too many.

Though I’m happily telling myself how awesome my arms are going to look after a workout like this (c’mon, a girl’s gotta tell herself that sometimes to give her motivation to stop watching reruns of Scrubs and get off her lazy butt).

Oh yeah, and the bathroom might wind up halfway decent, too.


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