The Last of the MBW

I like to abbreviate things.  As of late, I’ve been referring to the master bathroom wallpaper as “MBW”.  And for the most part, MBW has vamoosed out of my home… except for the window.

I like caulk as much as the next girl (sorry, I couldn’t resist), but in this case, the caulk line was fusing pieces of the MBW to the window which prevented me from removing it completely.  So yesterday, I took matters into my own hands and grabbed a knife.  True, the little utility knife had seen better days, but it did the job.

In a matter of minutes, I was saying my final sayonara to ol’ MBW.  Of course, this means I have to add “re-caulk window” to my to do list, but it really should have been on the list already.  One more step in the bathroom’s seemingly endless tale.


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