What A Tool

Whenever someone says the word tool, I still think of something like this:

Not something like this:

Though, this year I think that’s changing.  I’m thisclose to drawing little hearts all over it.

And my coworkers started saving these guys for me:

They’re old Orbit gum containers.  How clever of them is that?  Free, and they hold the perfect amount of stuff inside for my someday efficient workshop (they hold exactly one package of Kreg screws; I love happy coincidences like that).

By the way, have you thought about expanding your tool collection?  Because I’m having an awesome giveaway starting Monday that will help you do exactly that.  Here’s a hint, but you’ll have to wait for Monday to enter!


  1. says

    I need to take the plunge and build a desk! My hubby is the carpenter in our house but I think I could do it :)

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