Quick Patio Patch

Remember the small hole I mentioned on my front stoop last week?


Thanks to a little patching material (let’s face it, it was pretty much gray caulk), the hole is gone and ready to paint.  Just fill, scrape over the surface with something flat (I chose the flat end of the tube), and let dry.

While I was at it, I took care of another one that had a small crack.

The contrast of the gray against the red isn’t visually appealing.  But neither are the paw prints that are also all over the stoop (thanks to some wayward puppy feet finding its way into a tray of trim paint).

Once everything is painted over, things will look a lot better.  I’ll just have to wait for the pollen count to drop before I can try it.  But I’m actually pretty happy that I just went ahead and took care of something rather than putting it off.  Baby steps are just as important when you’re working on a whole house!


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