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Finals are officially over for the semester.  I am completely DONE with an entire year of graduate school.  Only one more year to go!

The house is still a disaster area, but I planned a few months ago to give myself a little staycation after school was finished.  Time to regroup and work on a few things around the house that I feel I’ve neglected… with nearly an entire week away from the office.  That means it’s dining room go time, baby!  I’ll get a small taste this week of what it would be like as a full-time blogger.  Ha! If only it weren’t for this pesky mortgage ;)

Dining room step 1: wallpaper removal.

And now that the guest bathroom is complete (er, as close to completion as it will be for a while), I feel… so relaxed.  It’s very weird to get ready for work in the morning with everything in one clean spot.  Not as much chaos.  It’s funny to find myself having to adjust to things being exactly how I want them.  I have been finding extra space everywhere now that I have a proper place to put extra toiletries (everything was shoved and crammed into the linen closet since the master bath was half-demo’d and the guest bath was the “project room”).  Pretty sure this adjustment thing won’t be a problem for long.

And speaking of relaxing, I also plunked down a few coins during Black Friday to get myself a new cushy mattress pad and topper.  The timing might be bad on this one since I’ll have four days of freedom and an extra-comfy bed might make the struggle to get up and going on the dining room even tougher, but I consider this one very overdue upgrade.  I’ve also bought new pillows, so hopefully I can take a moment from all of my laundry catch up to grab a proper updated photo of the master bedroom.

Progress, I tell ya.


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    Congrats for getting one year under your belt. I so get the feeling of having completed a major project and then just walking around in a trance, not believing it's done. We should really coin a name for that! I just finished a major flooring project (new tile, laminate, wood, trim – about 1,000 sq ft.) and I feel lost without something to caulk or some trim to cut. On the other hand, I sure do enjoy having my adult beverage in the nice orderly family room admiring my work! What my husband doesn't know is that I'm also eyeing that kitchen! Next on the list perhaps! What is this incessant need to redo everything????


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    Oh, God….the wallpaper….it's giving me NIGHTMARES to see that wall! LOL. Our house had the same horrors, and we STILL have nasty wallpaper and 10 layers of thick glue in the laundry room. Anyhow, looks like you're making progress (although I'm new to your blog, I see that you've gotten a lot done!). Keep up the good work, and stop over to Thrift Diving sometimes to see if I am making as much progress as you. LOL

    Thrift Diving

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