Ah Yes, The Mess

Enough books.  Now this is more like it!

It may not be ready for a big reveal, but after a little me time (including a trip to the salon and spa for a facial), I’ve renewed my energy and attacked the study-o once more.
The coats on the chair legs seem to be taking forever.  Just as I think I’ve applied the last coat, I come back to find streaks that need another.  I’ll just keep at it though – can’t hold out forever.

I spoke earlier this week about accidentally choosing the wrong paint for the remaining two walls.  I’ve started with the white, but just like the chairs, I may have underestimated the number of coats needed.  And the color may be too bluish to hold its own against the white blinds; I’m waiting until I get a second coat to dry before I consider making any changes.  The good news though is that it no longer looks like this:
Once the walls are done, I want to find a new light fixture for the room.  I’ve got little bubble gum lights all over the house, and while I don’t really hate them, this room is just begging for something a little funkier.

Any suggestions?

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