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I’m sorry, Anthropologie, but our love affair is forbidden by my wallet.  Alas, cruel fate!

Still, it can’t be wrong to daydream… right?

Oops, wrong daydream.  Here are my picks for possible knob hardware for the newly painted bathroom cabinets (which I’ll probably keep around once I find the new replacement vanity later this year):

All images (except the delectable Adam Levine pic) from Anthropologie
I’m fully expecting some Adam-related knob jokes.  Happy weekend, everyone!

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    Just thought I would let you know that Hobby Lobby carries a few that are almost identical to the ones you picked at Antro….just saying, your wallet might “thank you!” ;)


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    I am a strictly budget girl, but I have a real estate client who just purchased the filigree knobs(8th one you posted) for her white, stainless, and granite kitchen. She bought the oval shaped version on clearance instead of the round ones, but they are AMAZING in that kitchen. I have to admit, I came home and immediately got on the Anthro site to find them. If I already had a spare dresser, those would be mine in a heartbeat. The thing about splurging on pulls is that if you ever move, you can replace them and take the fancy ones with you.


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    Good point, Carol. Since I'm only buying four (two for the master, two for the guest bathroom), I can probably splurge without hitting my wallet too hard. Thanks for the tip about their clearance section, I've got to check it out soon.

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