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This week has already been so hodgepodge, I felt like keeping with the theme today and just going with it.  So, a bunch of smaller updates in no particular order... So, yeah... Dueling DIY didn't happen this week.  I guess we can blame the new job.  But, on the bright side, I'm really enjoying the work so far... even when part of it includes over 250 miles of commuting in a single day (just how it's going to be from time to time when I visit the office; working from home still means I need to … [Read more...]

How to Protect an Oiled Butcher Block Countertop During Projects

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So, I have this amazing walnut butcher block countertop. It cost me well more than the Ikea butcher block alternative I was considering (about a $400 difference in total cost).  But after that first coat of oil and beeswax soaked into the wood (read about why I chose this mixture here), bringing out all of its gorgeous color variation, I was forever smitten.  I had made the right choice.  However, when it comes to finishing off various other projects in the kitchen, such as the tiled … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: Two Steps Forward…

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This week, I've been completely high on the getting-it-dones.  Not only had my dad and I done the first round of scooping mud onto the drywall panels in his dining room, but I'd actually managed to get the grout finished in my kitchen in the same weekend. BOOM.  And I also sealed the grout around the stove, which meant I could finally shimmy her back into her rightful place along the wall.  Like a real kitchen or something. I need to do a little cleaning on the stovetop, and then … [Read more...]

Taping & Mudding (at Mom & Dad’s)


This weekend was pretty productive; I managed to finish the grout in the kitchen (pics on the next Dueling DIY update this Wednesday!) and Dad & I got the first coat of mud on all of the walls in his dining room: The pics were snapped as the sun was setting on day 2,  so most of it was already starting to dry.  Next steps for next weekend will be sanding & another coat of mud (& then one more sanding), and then the fun part begins.  If all goes to plan, our weekends should … [Read more...]

The Big To-Do List in Order to Sell the House


Now that I've decided I'm going to be moving to Auburn (actual date TBD), the time has come to get things in order at my little Ugg-Duck and prepare to sell it. I can't say it's not bittersweet.  I've lived in this house for just over four years now, and only threw one party shortly after the flooring was installed.  Since then, my ex moved out and being alone changed the game considerably.  It's kinda been too much of an under-construction mess to entertain ever again (with the exception of … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: Still Backsplashing


Even though most of my weekend was spent at Mom and Dad's installing drywall, I did manage to eke out a few minutes (basically, in the time it takes Charlie to do her business & do a little playing outside) to get some of the grouting done on the kitchen backsplash. I chose to stick with the white bucket of Simple Grout (see here for why it gave me pause) and hope for better results on a larger wall.  And happily, that's exactly how it went.  So the little nook next to the fridge may not … [Read more...]

Where I’m Going, What I’m Doing


Ok, so I promised I'd get you an updated post today and give you more details about the new job offer and moving plans (if you missed it, here is that first post from last week).  Because as far as this blog goes, both of those things will impact my future posts significantly.  And progress on the house.  And even, as this past day and a half has proven, ALL THE THINGS.  Including my cell phone service (why do simple things sometimes have to turn into a big complicated mess?.  Ugh). Anyway, … [Read more...]

DIY Drywall Over Wood Paneling (at Mom and Dad’s)


This weekend was a bit unusual project-wise.  To begin with, there was a LOT of progress made.  Which I guess isn't all that typical for me (you know how I tend to creep along).  The other unusual factor was that all of my project work wasn't even at my own home.  Instead, I put aside the unfinished business going on at the Ugg-Duck in favor of getting a little something done at Mom and Dad's. Let me explain:  Dad's been a BIG help to me with my home over the years (like here and here and … [Read more...]

Am I Ready for This? Nope. Maybe. I think so.

Fall Photo

Dear friends:  BIG EFFING NEWS. It's (almost) Friday, which means it's a day to talk about personal things (I don't know why I picked this particular day of the week, but it seems to fit).  So let's talk about ripping the band-aid off.  Figuratively speaking, of course.  I may share a few injuries here and there on Instagram sometimes (like last month, when Charlie ran around my ankle and gave me the absolute worst leash burn I've ever had), but actual band-aids are almost always gross.  So, … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: “Real Quick”


You'd think that after skipping last week's Dueling DIY update, I'd be all BAM, look at my fully-grouted kitchen walls.  But then you'd be very wrong.  Optimistic, of course, and I'd be grateful for that... but still wrong. No, all it seems I managed to do was this: Which wouldn't have even happened at all if I hadn't just forced myself to do it "real quick" under the premise of needing to have something to be updating you about this week (I guess then I can be happy that the whole … [Read more...]

Home Again


Sorry folks, no Dueling DIY post for you today!  Just got in from Phoenix, AZ this morning after filming for SheknowsTV's 9th season of Homestretch.  I'm shocked they asked me back after the laundry room makeover chaos last time, but apparently they enjoyed my foul mouth and tendency to break power tools.  This time, I even pretended to lick a hammer, Miley style (as a joke, but I wouldn't be surprised if this crazy/awesome crew used it as my head shot). I can't wait to show you the full … [Read more...]

Friday Chaos


Today is one of those kinds of crazy days where I've committed to doing six more things than is at all logical, so we're just going to have a completely hodgepodge kind of post today to match.  But somehow, as it does most of the time, things will get done. Maybe not without a little more stress, but it will get done. Even if I have to slap someone, it will get done. And then I'll have fried shrimp tacos, and all will be right with the world. *********** At least I finished putting in … [Read more...]