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Bargain Hunting Update

Ever hear of “chester” drawers?  What about an “armwar”?  Or, perhaps, an “interainment” center?

Shopping on Craigslist in the south is a bit trickier than I initially thought it would be.  Each time I want to find an item, I have to think of the three other ways someone will spell what I’m looking for.  Why do I bother?  Because bad spellers sell their crap gently used furniture items for cheap.  People who typically know the correct way to describe it usually tack on another $100 just for smarts.

For example, by searching for “bench”, I come across this beauty for $40:

It makes me wish I had the space for a mudroom storage bench!  Sadly, it would block our entryway closet (not exactly functional!).

However, if I searched for “mudroom”, I would come up with this for $125:

So for another $85, I don’t get much added in terms of value.

I may be making an unfair generalization here.  Bad spellers who want to get rid of their crap old furniture are probably everywhere, not just the south.  And I’m no stranger to having fat fingers when typing away at my keyboard.  I must say though, this certainly brings a whole new element into bargain hunting.  Garage sales don’t require correct spelling for people to stop by; just that the arrow on the neon poster board is pointing in the right direction.  

Before too long, I hope I find what I’m looking for.  Even if my chester drawers don’t match the armwar, I’m going to find a good deal!

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    Hilarious. Good tip, too.. next time I'm Craigslist shopping I'll be sure to try a few mispellings of the item I'm looking for! LOL


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