But First, A Few Things

Ugh.  The little things.  Those big little things that make you procrastinate on finishing a bigger project.  Like, years.

Like the hole that my uncle created back in 2010 when he rewired all of my bedrooms to use the light switches (seriously, why did someone think it was a good idea to only allow the overhead light to turn on via pull cord?).

Or the stain from when the air conditioning froze and then promptly thawed… all over the ceiling.

Or the cheap pseudo-temporary replacement for the ceiling fan, which also revealed that we left a little bit of the old ceiling unpainted when I moved in.

The boob light must go… the ceiling discoloration primed and repainted… and most importantly for finishing the walls, the patch needs sanding and priming.

Despite a long day at work, then four more hours at school, I finally took care of a few things.  Of course, it was 11 PM at that point, and my ambitions to both fix everything and paint the wall… didn’t exactly work out.

I did get the sanding and priming done.

And since I still had the brush out, I took care of one more.

Of course, at 11 PM I wasn’t concerned with making a mess.  Which means in the morning, I have one more little thing to take care of.

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  1. Mis says

    There is no such thing as a small project. Things are looking great! Excited to see the finished space.

  2. says

    I feel for you on the ceiling fan oversight. We painted before we redid the backsplash in the kitchen and had to redo it because we lowered the top of the backsplash about 6 inches all the way around. It was funny but totally a headache.

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