Playing In the Dirt Again

Can’t Win ‘Em All

I fear I may be losing my battle with plants.

My title of Angel of Death for plants is still going strong :(  And yes, that is a keg in the background of that picture.  Apparently I need to be more descriptive to Scott when I ask him to “put them away.”

I think the plant is getting too dry, so I’m trying to be more vigilant about watering it.  If I kill it, it’s no big deal, I can start over, but I’m just disappointed that I was unsuccessful at my new green thumb abilities.

On a brighter note, the flooring progress is still happening this week, and with any luck, we can finish the upper level laminate install.  No new pics for that yet, but we are planning on finishing it by Thursday.  Stop by again soon!

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    LMAO! About the keg! I feel your pain with dying plants. I can't seem to grow anything! But I sure can make a snazzy floral arragement that is fake!! Hopefully, yours will come back to life!

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