Habitat Restore Trip

Habitat Restore old signs

Last weekend, after finishing some (exhausting) volunteer work with some fellow grad students, I decided I was close enough to Habitat Restore (the Grant Park location) to check things out.  I'd been meaning to visit a long time ago, but then... you know... suddenly it's nap time and a new season of Archer is on Netflix. I'd heard that it's basically like a thrift home improvement store.  Builders and contractors will drop items off after renovating a house, so new and used home supplies wind … [Read more...]

Bloggers Be Shopping

Jonathan Adler store

Today's post is sponsored by Service 2000.  All opinions are 100% mine. My favorite gift for Christmas may have been a palm router, but I love shopping as much as the next bargain savvy lady. So when a few Atlanta area bloggers decided to get together last Saturday for lunch and shopping, I was excited to tag along. Some of the bloggers I'd met before at other Atlanta area events, like Rhoda from Southern Hospitality Christina from The Frugal Homemaker, and Amy from ModPodgeRocks.  Some … [Read more...]

I’ll Blame Jennifer Lawrence

On rare occasion, I get to be out of the house for the purpose of socializing like a normal human being.  Last night, I was out with a few fellow graduate students and came to a realization:  I'm not, in fact, a part time student.  The number of credit hours I take each semester technically makes me a full time student.  On top of having a full time job.  So basically, I've (somehow, if you can believe it) undersold the amount of crap I've piled on my plate.  But is anyone else noticing (other … [Read more...]

Can We Go Thrift Shopping?

goodwill poppin tags

What what, what, what... From here. Have you ever actually strutted through a thrift shop?  As of yesterday... um, yeah, I have.  If I could have taken an exact picture like Macklemore's, I would have.  But I wasn't shopping with anyone, and this isn't really an asking-a-stranger kind of photograph. Poppin' tags! (This post is an attempt to spice up an otherwise boring post about shopping at a thrift store.  For it to make any sense at all, you need to … [Read more...]

Oh, Pairs

(Nanny pun).  I've been noticing a pattern around the house lately:  I've been buying a lot of things in pairs.New pillows:  The ikat pillows are from Joss and Main.  The new gray ones are from Target.  I especially like that the gray ones are cozying up the couch a little for winter (I need to get my winter throw from the closet).  And my dog was shooed off this couch in order to take the photo, so, yeah - the cushions are basically smashed this way all the time (if they aren't on the floor … [Read more...]

A Futzing Find

wire bowl

My drill crapped out on me last night.  And don't you think it's perfect timing considering the project I decided to take on this week?And instead of immediately going to the store to buy a new one, I futzed around Target's clearance aisle after work yesterday.  Because if there's one thing I'm good at, I'm brilliant at wasting time.  Gold medal in the Procrastinator Olympics over here.  But I'm glad I did, because I found several of these: Technically, they are wire bowls.  I'm holding it … [Read more...]

Saturday on Six: Great Whites

I got a little bored (and okay, busy enough to let it die) with my old Saturday Stimuli series.  For a while, I've stopped posting much of anything on the weekends.  But after a lot of great little shops popped up on my radar, I've decided to start a new series each Saturday to replace my SS posts.  I'm calling it Saturday on Six - both because I like the alliteration and I think limiting myself to six picks each Saturday will keep me from going overboard one weekend and having nothing to show … [Read more...]

Waiting for the Sale

Sometimes finding the right product for the house isn't the problem; it's the wait to buy it.When it comes to home decor, I have tons of decorating ideas floating inside my head.  Most of the time, I hunt for it for months before it suddenly springs out of nowhere.  During that time, I usually put a little money aside each month so that when this happens, I can strike while the getting's good - and usually, this means a temporary sale or the kind of shop where I know the same item isn't likely … [Read more...]

Latest Lusts from Ikea

I was hoping to have another bathroom update this week, but caulking the shower tile is hard to photograph.  I keep falling asleep before I hit the shutter.Boring home maintenance aside, I've been perusing the 2013 Ikea catalog.  I realize that as a DIYer who blogs about home decor all the time, I'm a little late to the game on this one since it's been sitting in my mailbox for weeks (and then a few more as it waited in my car to read during lunch).  But the good news is that it's a 2013 catalog … [Read more...]

Shopping at Crate & Barrel

When I swung by Kirklands to pick up my new garden stool, Crate & Barrel was just across the street.  I almost never shop there (I love their stuff, but it can get expensive fast), but decided that since I was in the neighborhood, I might as well do a little window shopping.Almost immediately, I spotted this gorgeous basket on clearance - originally $60, but on sale for $12.95.  I wound up carrying it through the rest of the store.I have always had a thing for yellow.  This couch is so pretty … [Read more...]

Garden Stool Patience Pays Off


I love garden stools.  I've been seeing them everywhere lately: West Elm Most ceramic garden stools are hard to find for under $100.  And when or if you do, the stool almost always looks like this. I don't know why I wanted one so badly, but it was almost a dare for me to find one in the right price range. Bonus if I could find one with a little extra personality.  I'd heard of some coming through Joss & Main or from Homegoods, but I had no luck there (after six months … [Read more...]

Pixelated Office Rug from Joss & Main

A few weeks ago, I shared a rug I discovered at Homegoods  (which was based on a long fixated obsession with this inspiration rug).  I’ve yet to do anything with it.But when I spotted this hunk of creamy that sounds gross neutral awesomeness on Joss & Main, I knew exactly where to put it.  The extra $90 bones in my pocket thanks to the J&M discount did most of the convincing, but my geek radar went off at all of the pixelated yumminess.Hubba hubba.  Am I right?Shipping was quick.  And now I’m … [Read more...]