All the Little Bits


Yes, the bathroom isn't finished.But when a project seems endless, a girl needs to just to take out a can of spray paint, already.  The instant satisfaction of untouched to finished product in an … [Read more...]

Ready for Bed

Just before leaving for the beach, I spent several hours adding to the bruises on my knees from Warrior Dash (which is a really great look in a bathing suit, by the way).  Apparently, moving a … [Read more...]

WNW: Master Bedroom Lamps

On Friday, I stopped by TJ Maxx on my way home.  I intended on checking out their pillow selection and adding to my growing collection, but as usual, a trip to the store to get pillows had me leaving … [Read more...]

Bedroom Art Shopping

My master bedroom could really use some artwork.I have one wall full of windows, one half-covered by the bed, and another one that is completely bare.  I've been considering for a while to make a … [Read more...]

Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

The master bedroom has three light fixtures:  the one in the middle of the room, a hallway light, and another fixture in the closet.Each of these fixtures are in desperate need of some personality. … [Read more...]

So Many Things, So Little Time

My design A.D.D. has reared its ugly head again.I've started cleaning out the bathroom (to finally get it back into shape after all of the drywall repair), but figured while I was at it (and the pup … [Read more...]