Master Bedroom Turns Master Suite

My master bedroom is where I spend most of my time at home.  And since part of my new years goals are to create more of a home for living in, the master bedroom has been getting a little spruced up lately.I started with an upgrade to the bed by getting a new mattress cover and foam top to make the bed more cozy (I bought them during a Black Friday sale on  It worked - I've been getting better sleep lately.  I have also been keeping a new comforter, duvet cover, and pillows in the … [Read more...]

All the Little Bits


Yes, the bathroom isn't finished.But when a project seems endless, a girl needs to just to take out a can of spray paint, already.  The instant satisfaction of untouched to finished product in an afternoon (or in my schedule, over the course of two post-workout evenings) is just too much to resist sometimes.This is the little metal bike I got on clearance several months ago that will eventually be made into an art piece in the guest bathroom.  You know - the one that doesn't currently have a … [Read more...]

Ready for Bed

Just before leaving for the beach, I spent several hours adding to the bruises on my knees from Warrior Dash (which is a really great look in a bathing suit, by the way).  Apparently, moving a mattress onto a bed frame is going on the list of stuff I can't do without falling over at 5'2".The guest bed is still an unstained finish, but for the Ugg-Duck, this is a huge step toward normalcy.  I am not sure if I'll wind up cutting my losses and just spray painting the frame, but even getting it … [Read more...]

WNW: Master Bedroom Lamps

On Friday, I stopped by TJ Maxx on my way home.  I intended on checking out their pillow selection and adding to my growing collection, but as usual, a trip to the store to get pillows had me leaving the store with everything but pillows.There is a long, long list of things I need for the house eventually:  pillows, picture frames, light fixtures, curtains, artwork, etc.  So when I go out shopping, I feel pretty free to look at just about anything, and as long as it fits my budget, buy what … [Read more...]

Bedroom Art Shopping

My master bedroom could really use some artwork.I have one wall full of windows, one half-covered by the bed, and another one that is completely bare.  I've been considering for a while to make a gallery wall for this room too (in addition to the one I plan for the hallway), but I have been thinking lately that the area above the bed is the most in need of something special.When I saw the below photo on Pinterest, I realized that a large piece of art might really look great above the bed.  The … [Read more...]

Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

The master bedroom has three light fixtures:  the one in the middle of the room, a hallway light, and another fixture in the closet.Each of these fixtures are in desperate need of some personality.  Let's take a look, shall we? Main Light FixtureWhen I first bought the house, nearly every single room had a ceiling fan.  They were heavy, nearly caked over with dust, and outdated - much like the rest of the previous homeowner's original design.Ask yourself: Would you have bought this … [Read more...]

So Many Things, So Little Time

My design A.D.D. has reared its ugly head again.I've started cleaning out the bathroom (to finally get it back into shape after all of the drywall repair), but figured while I was at it (and the pup was down for the night), why not try constructing a bed for the guest bedroom?  I bought it a while back during my weekday IKEA shopping spree (though I hadn't made the move out announcement yet, so I apologize if buying a bed frame confused some folks) and just hadn't found the motivation time until … [Read more...]

Painted Bathroom Cabinet Sneak Peek

If you follow on Twitter or Facebook, you might have spotted yesterday's sneak peek of my progress on the master bathroom cabinet this weekend: This was only the first coat.  I was hoping to be 100% finished by this morning to reveal a full before & after today, but since I'm still waiting for the fourth bond coat to dry and the backs of the cabinet doors still need painting, you'll have to wait for the full cleanup after shot.  That's right, I said fourth coat. Hopefully you recall my … [Read more...]