So, About That Whole Moving Thing…


This is the often-requested (or so it seems from your comments!) update to the whole moving situation. If you're new to this site, this post needs a little back story, so that's what you'll find in the little segment below. But if you've been reading along for a while, you can probably skip right down to the next section. ***************************************** It's almost surreal for me to think about it, but this week last year, I was finishing my last class for my MBA. It took a very … [Read more...]

Casting Walnuts is A Real Job

new york

So, last week was weird... because unlike most weeks, I spent it in New York. The quick explanation: Lowe's asked a few bloggers to share some easy DIY tips, and as an added treat, offered to fly us all up to NYC to see our tips filmed for their #LowesFixinSix Vine series. Which look a little something like this: I'm still in the midst of organizing and editing the photos I took while behind the scenes, walking around the city, and maybe even a video clip or two, so expect a recap … [Read more...]

Haven, You Exhaust Me (In a Good Way)

haven conference 2014

Today, I'm back from the exhaustive DIY conference known as Haven. Thankfully, this thing is held in Atlanta every year, so I don't have to deal with the whole travel thing quite so much as the rest of the attendees. But if you've never been to a conference before, trust me when I say that I am tired. I spent all of yesterday (the first full day at home afterward) sprawled out in bed with Charlie, dealing with what should be dubbed "The Haven Hangover" (it impacts even non-drinkers, but in my … [Read more...]

Where I’m Going, What I’m Doing


Ok, so I promised I'd get you an updated post today and give you more details about the new job offer and moving plans (if you missed it, here is that first post from last week).  Because as far as this blog goes, both of those things will impact my future posts significantly.  And progress on the house.  And even, as this past day and a half has proven, ALL THE THINGS.  Including my cell phone service (why do simple things sometimes have to turn into a big complicated mess?.  Ugh). Anyway, … [Read more...]

Am I Ready for This? Nope. Maybe. I think so.

Fall Photo

Dear friends:  BIG EFFING NEWS. It's (almost) Friday, which means it's a day to talk about personal things (I don't know why I picked this particular day of the week, but it seems to fit).  So let's talk about ripping the band-aid off.  Figuratively speaking, of course.  I may share a few injuries here and there on Instagram sometimes (like last month, when Charlie ran around my ankle and gave me the absolute worst leash burn I've ever had), but actual band-aids are almost always gross.  So, … [Read more...]

Home Again


Sorry folks, no Dueling DIY post for you today!  Just got in from Phoenix, AZ this morning after filming for SheknowsTV's 9th season of Homestretch.  I'm shocked they asked me back after the laundry room makeover chaos last time, but apparently they enjoyed my foul mouth and tendency to break power tools.  This time, I even pretended to lick a hammer, Miley style (as a joke, but I wouldn't be surprised if this crazy/awesome crew used it as my head shot). I can't wait to show you the full … [Read more...]

Add That To The Resume: SheKnowsTV’s Homestretch

Laundry room after

Hi everyone!  Intense week coming up for me, with LOTS of updates to share.  But first, I just wanted to let you know that my little stint on SheKnowsTV's Homestretch is up! At the end of August, I was flown out to Arizona to help make over the (TINY) laundry closet room of a fantastic couple named Heidi and Jon (several photos courtesy of SheKnows).  The first day, Heidi invited me to stay after shooting while she made beer cupcakes.  Those producers really couldn't have picked a better … [Read more...]

New Things

sandra and i

So, let's start this post with a great big HOLY CRAP, WHAT A WEEK. Last week, I mean.  You may have noticed I sort of dropped off the planet and failed to post anything other than a completely random story about all of the toys I found in my backyard cleanup project. I had other posts I meant to share.  But then I flew off to Phoenix, AZ to film five (yes, FIVE!) episodes of a TV show and arrogantly assumed I'd have time at the hotel to still finish editing them.  And then that didn't … [Read more...]