Snowed In

Charlie in the snow

This winter, snow is making a more frequent visit than usual to Georgia.  Given what happened just a few weeks ago, my office decided to take a few more precautions this week and let us work from home … [Read more...]

One Pooped Pup


It's been a while since I've shared more than a cameo from Charlie in a single post.  But while I was in Arizona figuring out how to be patient with unfamiliar tools, Charlie was away at doggie … [Read more...]

Progress, Progress Everywhere

hallway progress

As I mentioned yesterday, there were a number of to-do items tackled this weekend thanks in large part to my mom and grandmother coming over for a visit last Saturday (a big thanks to them both!). … [Read more...]

Rain Delay


This weekend was one of those where a LOT of stuff got done.  I was on a roll (no pun intended) with the primer (and also successfully getting. it. everywhere.).  Mom and Granny came over again to … [Read more...]

Puppy Charlie Video

Looks like I've got a "Throwback Thursday" treat for you guys today... and it's all thanks to Mom and Charlie. The good news is, I found a video of Charlie (as a puppy!) that I wasn't sure I still … [Read more...]

Spring Days with the Pup

2013-04-07 14.56.35

In Georgia, there is a very small window in spring wedged between the rise in evening temps and the arrival of a blanket of pollen (also known as my month in hell where I spend my birthday with itchy, … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: So, I Creep

charlie on stairs side shot

Yeaaaaah... (TLC, anyone? No? Ok, me, myself, and I will have our own little dance party over in the corner.) I'm creeping along with my staircase project. Since the entryway, living room, and … [Read more...]