Snowed In

Charlie in the snow

This winter, snow is making a more frequent visit than usual to Georgia.  Given what happened just a few weeks ago, my office decided to take a few more precautions this week and let us work from home until the snow melts.  So, that essentially means two things in this house: 1.  Showers?  Meh. 2.  The light is kind of awesome for playing around with my camera.  Thus, lots of pictures of Charlie enjoying the snow. My white balance is kind of all over the place, but she makes a good … [Read more...]

One Pooped Pup


It's been a while since I've shared more than a cameo from Charlie in a single post.  But while I was in Arizona figuring out how to be patient with unfamiliar tools, Charlie was away at doggie boarding.  She doesn't have to stay at another person's home very often, so I get a little picky about the type of care she gets if I'm away.  I go for places that allow the dogs to play with one another (and will fork over the extra dough to find a place that doesn't keep her in a crate all day).  The … [Read more...]

Progress, Progress Everywhere

hallway progress

As I mentioned yesterday, there were a number of to-do items tackled this weekend thanks in large part to my mom and grandmother coming over for a visit last Saturday (a big thanks to them both!).  Priming the cabinets (and my ultra-perfectionist streak) has mostly been a one-man job, so I chose a different game plan for how to put them both to work:  Granny folded laundry (which was both desperately needed and a chore I find akin to being pecked to death by a duck) while Mom tackled two more of … [Read more...]

Rain Delay


This weekend was one of those where a LOT of stuff got done.  I was on a roll (no pun intended) with the primer (and also successfully getting. it. everywhere.).  Mom and Granny came over again to help me tackle some of the other projects (like Mt. Washmore and painting another wall in the living room).  And we even took Granny to Hooters for lunch (we expected it to be a laugh riot; it wasn't). But there were also a few speedbumps, like the rain.  In my pursuit of a perfect paint finish on … [Read more...]

Puppy Charlie Video

Looks like I've got a "Throwback Thursday" treat for you guys today... and it's all thanks to Mom and Charlie. The good news is, I found a video of Charlie (as a puppy!) that I wasn't sure I still had.  Mom filmed it when she came over to the house about a week after I got her from the humane society. The bad news is, I found it because Charlie was going to town on the camcorder in the guest room while I was downstairs trying to get the garage in order (unsuccessfully).  The camcorder was … [Read more...]

Let’s Ramble a Bit (several updates that have nothing in common)


My right eyelid will not. stop. twitching.  It's been going on since Saturday morning and I'm at the point where it is driving me bananas (which I should probably eat, since the potassium supposedly helps with muscle spasms like eye twitching). It's my own doing, really.  Between the caffeine, stress of the new semester, staring at a computer all day (& night, lately), and a lack of sleep, I'm simply combining all of the factors that cause eye twitching (I'm deliberately ignoring that … [Read more...]

Spring Days with the Pup

2013-04-07 14.56.35

In Georgia, there is a very small window in spring wedged between the rise in evening temps and the arrival of a blanket of pollen (also known as my month in hell where I spend my birthday with itchy, swollen eyes).  This weekend just happened to be in that wedge, so Charlie and I took advantage of the perfect weather by participating in three of her favorite activities: The drive to the dog park ... The actual dog park (where she had lots of fun picking play fights and then cowardly … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: So, I Creep

charlie on stairs side shot

Yeaaaaah... (TLC, anyone? No? Ok, me, myself, and I will have our own little dance party over in the corner.) I'm creeping along with my staircase project. Since the entryway, living room, and staircase walls (and upstairs hallway) are all getting painted the same color, I'm skipping around a bit from wall to wall. Basically, whichever one that is the driest gets my attention for a couple hours, and then I take a break. Then I come back to paint a little more. When you have a total of 15 … [Read more...]