The Top 3 Outdoor Projects on My Mind

fence landscaping

Even though I've been working hard on the laundry room lately (here's a sneak peek of the latest update, but more to come soon!), the trees coming down last month and the increase in temperatures have me thinking about exterior projects a lot. While I'm not yet ready to pull the trigger on any one project in particular (my allergies are keeping me indoors for the next couple of weeks, and I won't start on these until the shelves & counter are all done in the laundry room... so close!) I did … [Read more...]

Purposefully “Flawed” Quote Art (and a Giveaway)


A quick thank-you to those of you who commented (or just sent good vibes) on last week's post: thank you from the bottom of my heart. I didn't get a chance to look at them until this morning, so reading them all on a day where I had more peace of mind was certainly nice to see. Today's sponsored art project seems appropriately well-timed in context, so let's get on with it! ****This giveaway is now closed.**** I'm excited to share some cheerful, decidedly flawed art with you … [Read more...]



When it comes to making progress on a house, it's not always easy. The dust, the dirt, the mistakes, the clutter... the unfinished-ness of it all can be frustrating, and the bright spots of seeing progress seem temporary in comparison to the project-fueled mess that us DIYers often find ourselves in. But today, I caught a sweet glimpse of my house that gave me that little spark of contentment—the pride of knowing that someday, this house really will become exactly as I see it in my mind's … [Read more...]

How to Turn Favorite Quotes Into Art with a Watercolor Border

watercolor border

Happy Monday, folks. Thought I'd share a quick DIY with you today while I finish up some updates in the laundry room and kitchen. Remember the #craftnado I mentioned last Monday? I've been trying each month to do a small DIY project that is more on the creative side, and for March, I decided to experiment with some watercolor art that also displayed some of my favorite quotes. Only after this project, I liked the border so much, I can't decide which quote is worthy of this kind of … [Read more...]

On the Hunt for a Stylish Office Chair (on a Budget)

office chairs 1

How's everyone doing this freezing cold week? Wearing oversized sweater ponchos and leggings like me? (Yeah, yeah, leggingsarenotpants, but you don't see beerisnotdinner stopping me from making that happen occasionally, either.) Anyway... I'm still on the hunt for an office chair. For my new office design plan, the idea has been to get something on the small side that provides decent back support (I'm finding that tension in my back almost always results in stiff shoulders). But as I've begun … [Read more...]

2015 Home Decor Trends: What’s In, What’s Out

Smitten Studio

Whenever the calendar rolls over to January 1, there is a phenomenon that we can't seem to avoid. I like to call it the New Year Triangle: highlights of the past year, setting goals for the new year (like I did, here), and finally, people predicting trends for what will make this year different from the last. I'd like to think that most of the time, I can avoid getting sucked in to this Bermuda-like danger zone – but every few years, I'm just not as successful (blame boredom with Netflix … [Read more...]

Christmas Haul

ladder hug

Well, folks, it's been another overabundant year for the Fogle family. And no Christmas would be complete without me giddily hugging something shiny that belongs in my garage: In past years, I've (not at all kidding) also hugged a router, an air compressor, and a miter saw (while in the box, of course) after opening these gifts on Christmas morning, but I think this new guy in particular has stolen my heart after learning just how useful hey can be in my hallway. What can I say? I like … [Read more...]

Christmas DIY: “Let’s Get Blitzen” Reindeer Art

Let's Get Blitzen - Christmas DIY Reindeer Art 3

Remember how I said I wanted to create something this week? Well, thanks to misplacing all my craft stuff and giving myself a kink in my neck after moving some furniture around, I figured out exactly the way to cure that. Ow. But despite the pain (which unfortunately creeped down to my upper back after sleeping on it last night... guess I'm buying a new pillow for 2015!), I still managed to get a little Christmas crafting done: When I was in college and before I bought the house, I did … [Read more...]