On the Hunt for a Stylish Office Chair (on a Budget)

office chairs 1

How's everyone doing this freezing cold week? Wearing oversized sweater ponchos and leggings like me? (Yeah, yeah, leggingsarenotpants, but you don't see beerisnotdinner stopping me from making that happen occasionally, either.) Anyway... I'm still on the hunt for an office chair. For my new office design plan, the idea has been to get something on the small side that provides decent back support (I'm finding that tension in my back almost always results in stiff shoulders). But as I've begun … [Read more...]

2015 Home Decor Trends: What’s In, What’s Out

Smitten Studio

Whenever the calendar rolls over to January 1, there is a phenomenon that we can't seem to avoid. I like to call it the New Year Triangle: highlights of the past year, setting goals for the new year (like I did, here), and finally, people predicting trends for what will make this year different from the last. I'd like to think that most of the time, I can avoid getting sucked in to this Bermuda-like danger zone – but every few years, I'm just not as successful (blame boredom with Netflix … [Read more...]

Christmas Haul

ladder hug

Well, folks, it's been another overabundant year for the Fogle family. And no Christmas would be complete without me giddily hugging something shiny that belongs in my garage: In past years, I've (not at all kidding) also hugged a router, an air compressor, and a miter saw (while in the box, of course) after opening these gifts on Christmas morning, but I think this new guy in particular has stolen my heart after learning just how useful hey can be in my hallway. What can I say? I like … [Read more...]

Christmas DIY: “Let’s Get Blitzen” Reindeer Art

Let's Get Blitzen - Christmas DIY Reindeer Art 3

Remember how I said I wanted to create something this week? Well, thanks to misplacing all my craft stuff and giving myself a kink in my neck after moving some furniture around, I figured out exactly the way to cure that. Ow. But despite the pain (which unfortunately creeped down to my upper back after sleeping on it last night... guess I'm buying a new pillow for 2015!), I still managed to get a little Christmas crafting done: When I was in college and before I bought the house, I did … [Read more...]

Monday Motivation

polish kolache

This week, I'm feeling the need to create. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm done with Christmas shopping and have been elbow-deep in golden wrapping paper cuttings, or perhaps it was the weekend baking (I know, shocking. I baked something other than a hot mess. More on that later though). I woke up this morning feeling like I wanted to shrug off my usual uniform of sweaters and work jeans and put on a party dress. Wear red lipstick. Don some gay apparel, just like the song demands (between … [Read more...]

How to Save Money on Large Rugs

how to save money on large area rugs

On my last dining room update, I shared a glimpse of the new rugs going into the room: You long-time readers might recall the last rug in this room. Like many budget-conscious decorators, I bought what I thought was a large enough size, but wound up looking wimpy. While budget is still an unavoidable priority for me when it comes to decorating, I've since learned that a 5x8 simply wasn't going to cut it. I needed something larger (according to most design guidelines, I needed a rug … [Read more...]

A Mixed Bag of Design Thoughts

office guest bath

This week is one of those weeks. You know the ones... where I can't seem to get the DIY flow going again. Usually, all it takes is a little momentum – like last week, where my dining room paint job morphed into also painting the upper hallway (THE hardest-to-reach spot in the house). But this week? Totally different. I guess that's the ebb and flow of DIY. I also have project ADD (which I disguise as my "one room at a time is for suckers" mantra), and right now, none of my current projects … [Read more...]

Copper Charm for the Kitchen

moscow mule

For as long as I've been making design plans in the kitchen, there is one element (pun-intended) that has always been in the works:  copper accents.  And thanks to a recent sale of these popular mugs, I now have the beginnings of that collection in my possession: Aren't they gorgeous?  They're called Moscow Mule mugs - named after the drink they are supposedly made to hold (the copper is apparently what keeps the drink at the perfect cold temp).  I honestly didn't buy them for making … [Read more...]