A Mixed Bag of Design Thoughts

office guest bath

This week is one of those weeks. You know the ones... where I can't seem to get the DIY flow going again. Usually, all it takes is a little momentum – like last week, where my dining room paint job morphed into also painting the upper hallway (THE hardest-to-reach spot in the house). But this week? Totally different. I guess that's the ebb and flow of DIY. I also have project ADD (which I disguise as my "one room at a time is for suckers" mantra), and right now, none of my current projects … [Read more...]

Copper Charm for the Kitchen

moscow mule

For as long as I've been making design plans in the kitchen, there is one element (pun-intended) that has always been in the works:  copper accents.  And thanks to a recent sale of these popular mugs, I now have the beginnings of that collection in my possession: Aren't they gorgeous?  They're called Moscow Mule mugs - named after the drink they are supposedly made to hold (the copper is apparently what keeps the drink at the perfect cold temp).  I honestly didn't buy them for making … [Read more...]

SheKnows TV’s Homestretch: Season 9 Now Live!

behind the scenes

Hi folks!  I'm still working on my enormous to-do list for selling the house and skipping from room to room, so not much project-wise to show you just yet (I took a vacation over this past weekend for my birthday, so I am doing some catching up for next week). BUT, good news: my new season on SheKnows TV's Homestretch is now live!  I mentioned it back in March after my last trip to Arizona, and unlike my last season, I'm actually writing up a full recap and trying to have that ready for next … [Read more...]

Art Happy

clare elsaesser

I kinda went a little art-happy this week and ordered more prints for the house. I've mentioned it the last time I ordered a few items that I've been wanting for the longest time to just eke out a few hours to create some of my own pieces.  Before DIY took over my world, I did lots of crafting, especially with paint (mostly acrylics).  I took summer art classes as a kid.  I made art for family members (a flower bouquet I did in high school still hangs on my grandmother's bedroom wall).  I … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: Pantry Door Pains


As I write this post, I'm not 100% certain when my tile will arrive, but I know it's supposed to be here sometime this week.  If all goes well, I could start tiling the backsplash as soon as this weekend!  Hooray!  (And Carrie, just a head's up... that post is going to kick ass.  I'm pretty damn excited about it.) In the meantime, today's Dueling DIY update includes something I loathe:  painting door trim. Normally, paint is awesome.  It provides nearly instantaneous visual payback for … [Read more...]

Adventures in Basketweaving

basket rope

Ok... already starting this post off with a lie.  I didn't really weave anything.  I used a glue gun. But, the cheap-o thrift store basket I re-found a few weeks ago (and then began using as a trash can in the laundry room, the one that inspired a photo of me in a wig) is now looking a little swankier with some manila rope. First off: I didn't know there was more than one kind of rope to do a project like this.  I thought sisal rope was more of a generic phrase rather than a specific … [Read more...]

I want to decorate my home.

This year, I want to decorate my home. I want to decorate it with laughter.  And love.  And friends.  And wine. I want to decorate it with art that expresses how I feel.  Full of humor and happiness. I want to decorate it in music.  The kind that makes me dance like Hugh Grant in Love Actually.  (What a dork.) Parachute (Serban Ghenea Mix) from Ingrid Michaelson on Myspace. I want to decorate it with dust left on top of unimportant things, like worry and stress (and … [Read more...]

Art Pop

just roll with it print

I've been on an Etsy art prints kick lately.  This past year, I nearly finished painting fifteen separate wall surfaces in my house the same pale, clean, neutral background (Benjamin Moore's Dove Wing, color matched in Behr flat enamel).  And it's all for the sake of having a clean, relaxing place to call home - with colorful art that stands out in contrast. I've always had an artistic side.  I love drawing.  And painting.  And that's recently morphed into graphic design as well.  But because … [Read more...]

Home Shopping Network

Plenty of bloggers might mention something called "shopping the house" - where you simply try to meet the demands of a new project by combing through the piles of crap you already own. I'm betting no one was thinking about this when that concept was created. Because of installing the tile and getting new appliances delivered for the laundry room, there was a higher than usual mound of dirty laundry in the last few weeks.  I've slowly been making headway, but that also means an increase … [Read more...]

A Good Run

stairs runner_

I think I have finally found my stair runner. You may remember this project from the spring, right?  Kit from DIY Diva and I squared off in a competition we called "Dueling DIY".  The goal was that each of us would work on our staircase - and more importantly, actually finish a project for a change (since both of us are compulsive project starters, but finishing?  Meh).  We also invited you guys to play along and work on your own stairs (since for me, a bunch of like-minded tool addicts on … [Read more...]

I big fat freaking puffy heart love Ikea.


I've said it before, and I still mean it.  As long as I'm not visiting this store on a weekend (in which it transforms into the seventh circle of Hell), I love casually shopping around at Ikea. On weeknights, it's abandoned and quiet.  I can peruse the displays and think of new ideas for the house without running into people or overhearing a heated argument from a young couple who can't agree on dining chairs (I sympathize, though - I've totally been that couple before). For instance: … [Read more...]

Pattern Play

Last Friday, I showed you a method for trying to straighten out a board that had warped in my car over my lunch break. I put the board on my (very dusty - try to ignore it) floor in the study-o (aka the storage room), concave side up, with paint cans on either end to counter the curve.  After a couple of days, I checked the board.  While the board was definitely flatter, it wasn't straight.  So I flipped the board over to concave side down, paint cans on top again, and waited another … [Read more...]