Christmas DIY: “Let’s Get Blitzen” Reindeer Art

Let's Get Blitzen - Christmas DIY Reindeer Art 3

Remember how I said I wanted to create something this week? Well, thanks to misplacing all my craft stuff and giving myself a kink in my neck after moving some furniture around, I figured out exactly the way to cure that. Ow. But despite the pain (which unfortunately creeped down to my upper back after sleeping on it last night... guess I'm buying a new pillow for 2015!), I still managed to get a little Christmas crafting done: When I was in college and before I bought the house, I did … [Read more...]

Monday Motivation

polish kolache

This week, I'm feeling the need to create. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm done with Christmas shopping and have been elbow-deep in golden wrapping paper cuttings, or perhaps it was the weekend baking (I know, shocking. I baked something other than a hot mess. More on that later though). I woke up this morning feeling like I wanted to shrug off my usual uniform of sweaters and work jeans and put on a party dress. Wear red lipstick. Don some gay apparel, just like the song demands (between … [Read more...]

How to Save Money on Large Rugs

how to save money on large area rugs

On my last dining room update, I shared a glimpse of the new rugs going into the room: You long-time readers might recall the last rug in this room. Like many budget-conscious decorators, I bought what I thought was a large enough size, but wound up looking wimpy. While budget is still an unavoidable priority for me when it comes to decorating, I've since learned that a 5x8 simply wasn't going to cut it. I needed something larger (according to most design guidelines, I needed a rug … [Read more...]

A Mixed Bag of Design Thoughts

office guest bath

This week is one of those weeks. You know the ones... where I can't seem to get the DIY flow going again. Usually, all it takes is a little momentum – like last week, where my dining room paint job morphed into also painting the upper hallway (THE hardest-to-reach spot in the house). But this week? Totally different. I guess that's the ebb and flow of DIY. I also have project ADD (which I disguise as my "one room at a time is for suckers" mantra), and right now, none of my current projects … [Read more...]

Copper Charm for the Kitchen

moscow mule

For as long as I've been making design plans in the kitchen, there is one element (pun-intended) that has always been in the works:  copper accents.  And thanks to a recent sale of these popular mugs, I now have the beginnings of that collection in my possession: Aren't they gorgeous?  They're called Moscow Mule mugs - named after the drink they are supposedly made to hold (the copper is apparently what keeps the drink at the perfect cold temp).  I honestly didn't buy them for making … [Read more...]

SheKnows TV’s Homestretch: Season 9 Now Live!

behind the scenes

Hi folks!  I'm still working on my enormous to-do list for selling the house and skipping from room to room, so not much project-wise to show you just yet (I took a vacation over this past weekend for my birthday, so I am doing some catching up for next week). BUT, good news: my new season on SheKnows TV's Homestretch is now live!  I mentioned it back in March after my last trip to Arizona, and unlike my last season, I'm actually writing up a full recap and trying to have that ready for next … [Read more...]

Art Happy

clare elsaesser

I kinda went a little art-happy this week and ordered more prints for the house. I've mentioned it the last time I ordered a few items that I've been wanting for the longest time to just eke out a few hours to create some of my own pieces.  Before DIY took over my world, I did lots of crafting, especially with paint (mostly acrylics).  I took summer art classes as a kid.  I made art for family members (a flower bouquet I did in high school still hangs on my grandmother's bedroom wall).  I … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: Pantry Door Pains


As I write this post, I'm not 100% certain when my tile will arrive, but I know it's supposed to be here sometime this week.  If all goes well, I could start tiling the backsplash as soon as this weekend!  Hooray!  (And Carrie, just a head's up... that post is going to kick ass.  I'm pretty damn excited about it.) In the meantime, today's Dueling DIY update includes something I loathe:  painting door trim. Normally, paint is awesome.  It provides nearly instantaneous visual payback for … [Read more...]