An Easy Way to Hang A Very Important Painting


Despite the good intentions I've had to hang art all over this house, I haven't really gotten around to a lot of it yet. For... oh... basically five years. But, I'm also intent on changing that, and there's one very important piece of art I wanted to share with you today. I painted this for my grandmother when I was in middle or high school. She got it professionally framed right around that time, and it's been hanging in her home (or above her bed in my parents' home) ever since. For the … [Read more...]

How to Save Money on Large Rugs

how to save money on large area rugs

On my last dining room update, I shared a glimpse of the new rugs going into the room: You long-time readers might recall the last rug in this room. Like many budget-conscious decorators, I bought what I thought was a large enough size, but wound up looking wimpy. While budget is still an unavoidable priority for me when it comes to decorating, I've since learned that a 5x8 simply wasn't going to cut it. I needed something larger (according to most design guidelines, I needed a rug … [Read more...]

Some Assembly Required


First things first: I'm the realest before sharing details about my New York trip (and an outdoor project... and a giveaway coming up!), I wanted to share a sneak peek of some of the dining room accessories making themselves at home. As soon as the paint was dry on the last wall, I could hardly wait to sweep off the floor again before throwing a few things together (I actually did sweep up, but my flip flops were dirty from another project and tracked things back in before snapping … [Read more...]

Let the Dining Room Decorating Begin!

dining room decor

This last dining room wall... what a jerk. No, wait... I don't think that accurately describes how I felt trying to finish this thing. Thaaaaat's more like it. It took FOREVER to finish. Between losing steam, losing patience, and running out of beer, this damn wall refused to be conquered for the longest time. But, as most things happen in this house, with enough swearing and sanding, my dining room is now 100% painted. I'm taking some detailed step-by-step photos while I finish … [Read more...]

Revisiting Mom and Dad’s Dining Room

mom and dad's dining room

A few months ago, I shared a fun makeover Dad and I did to his dining room. The whole idea was that the ugly paneling needed to go, but because it would be far more work to take it down and put drywall up, we instead drywalled over it. And then, we added some shaker-style wainscoting to the bottom half of the wall (something Mom has been wanting for about 16 years!). We were no pros at this task, but I'm still pretty proud of our work. It took a lot of elbow grease, but once all of the … [Read more...]

I Am A Design Blogger Cliché… But I Still Like It

fiddle leaf fig dining room

I could have called this post "Fit as a Fiddle" or made some other kind of pun per the usual. I even considered playing on some kind of funny Adam & Eve thing about fig leaves and how much this plant seems to enjoy summer showers. But all of that would still tell you one thing: I'm Sarah, a home improvement/design blogger. And I have a fiddle leaf fig tree. I never heard about these plants before I saw them on Emily Henderson's blog (who has killer design taste btw). But at first, … [Read more...]

Dining Room: Paint!

Olympic Smoke Blue dining room

Okay, so we've both been waiting long enough for this one. My dining room has NEW PAINT, BABY. Bla-DOW! This is the first room where I've ever gone BIG with color. I stepped outside my comfort zone of gray (and more gray) and went for deep, moody, vibrant blue. And so far, I'm really, really liking it. Remember how I did my mom and dad's dining room using Olympic ONE Paint + Primer? During that same trip to the hardware store, I snagged a gallon for myself as well. I hadn't … [Read more...]

Painting Prep after Drywall Repair

painting prep

Last post before the  new paint, promise! I had to wait for the right lighting this afternoon to snap a few photos, so those are being edited. But since new drywall (or in my case, repaired drywall) is a little different than just slapping up a coat of paint, I thought covering some info on the prep work was worthy of writing about first. When you are dealing with repairing damaged drywall after wallpaper removal, there are a number of things you have to stay on top of. One, of course, … [Read more...]