5 Tips for Doing DIY Alone (Safely)

I'm five foot two, not particularly strong (in my defense, I'm still stronger than I look - which now that I'm writing this down, is still an insult), and do most of my DIY home improvement projects alone.  And as I mentioned last Friday, that's not likely to change anytime soon (unless I were to run into some kind of Adam Levine/Josh Turner lookalike who doesn't mind His & Hers sides of the power tool stash).Over the last few years, I've learned some handy tips and tools to aid me when I may … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Priming Any Surface


Priming a piece of furniture can be a little confusing.  What primer should you use?  Does it look like a coat of paint?  What types go with which surfaces?As you probably read on my Aboutpage, this blog is not HGTV, and I'm no expert.  But over the last two years of blogging (speaking of which, yesterday was my 2nd blogiversary, no April Fools!) and countless projects in apartments prior, I've come up with a few tips that are worth sharing:1.  Yes, you (probably) need primer.  Painting a glossy … [Read more...]

Tool Story, Bro: DIY Essentials for Under $50


Lately I've been thinking about how far away December 2009 feels.That was when I bought the Ugg-Duck.  This was even the original listing photo, still used on the blog today (though it will change because of new paint): Since then, I've ripped out carpet, removed wallpaper, learned how to skim coat a wall, put caulk on just about everything, and painted almost any surface that would sit still.  I've rented (and used) saws that cut through masonry.  I've daydreamed about tools like they were … [Read more...]