Tiling Over Concrete Subfloor (with Ditra Uncoupling Membrane)


I have bruises on my knees. No, that's not my way of introducing a fourth occupation in my busy schedule (I may be crazy enough to work the equivalent of several full-time jobs at once, but turning tricks is not one of them).  The bruises are from here: If it weren't so far away, I'd have kneepads on my Christmas wishlist at this point.  But no matter, the hard part (if you can even call it that, it was actually pretty easy!) is done.  Follow me on my epically long thought process to … [Read more...]

A Little Here, A Little There

new rug

Staycation Day 1:  My aunt and uncle arrived in town, and while the intention was to get to work on the kitchen immediately, there was a small snafu.  I'll get into the drama of it later once I've stopped swearing. Instead, Monday consisted of a good deal of brainstorming, more backyard cleanup (fall = pine needles everywhere), and coming up with a game plan for the rest of the week. I may not have as much time as I thought this week to write post updates until we start making some … [Read more...]

Easily Seal Grout Joints

How to Easily Seal Grout Joints

For some reason I thought sealing my grout would be messy, time consuming, and stink.  Instead, it couldn't have been easier. When I was first shopping for tile, I learned that there are two different types of sealant products available.  Actually, that's not true; I first learned that I needed sealant in the first place.  Grout sealer not only helps keep the grout from staining, but the more the grout can keep moisture out, the more pristine it stays over time (the porcelain tile itself is … [Read more...]

Going Broke


Something new I learned this week:  brick patterns for rectangular tile are also sometimes called broke joints. Since I'm using 12x24 inch tiles (found at the same store I found my dark laminate, Floor & Decor Outlets), it just makes sense to have a staggered pattern on the floor.  For the moment, I haven't yet convinced myself whether I want to put them parallel to the tub or parallel to the door.  I think the tub direction may be easier to install (and let's face it, easier is almost … [Read more...]

Dry Painted Floors

Last week, I shared with you that I got so sick of my bathroom's linoleum floor that I decided to paint it.Now that the paint is fully dry, I've been able to get back into the room and take a few more shots.The finish isn't perfect.But then again, the floor was far from perfect prior to paint.Despite the flaws, it's still a tremendous improvement over the yellowed hexagonal shape that was keeping the 80s alive and well in the room before.Next step - removing the hideous wallpaper.  And perhaps, … [Read more...]

Painted Vinyl/Linoleum Floors


Ok, so the product isn't technically meant to stick to vinyl or linoleum floors, but over the weekend, I decided that I was so sick of staring at the hideous floor in my master bathroom that I simply couldn't take it anymore.  I needed a quick fix. Since I had the paint around anyway for my plans to paint the laminate countertops in both the master and guest bathrooms (to complete the cabinet painting project I started two weeks ago), I figured hey, why stop there? You've heard me talk … [Read more...]

Not Yet In The Christmas Mood

Colby hasn't quite felt the Christmas spirit yet...But he is chilling out on our completely finished floors, which I haven't shared completely with you all yet.  When Scott finished them, the room was still such a mess that I didn't want to take a full shot.  So, how's about a good before and after to show you where we are this holiday season?  Please ignore the dirty paw prints.Before - Yuck, yuck, dirty yuck.  Linoleum that probably hadn't been cleaned for years, a disgusting ceiling with so … [Read more...]

(Air) Nailed It

In one day, thanks to borrowing a friend's air nailer, Scott has managed to nail shoe moulding around most of the downstairs flooring.Much of it was in long strips.  Look at him go :)But there are a few areas, like around the stairs, where we had to get a little creative.The benefit of using an air nailer isn't just its speed; it also forces the nail further into the moulding, which means there are no nail heads to paint over.  Instead, I just need to fill the holes with either wood putty or … [Read more...]



Say sayonara to our boxes and boxes of laminate flooring.  Because we're finally finished with the installation!Or, rather, Scott's finished.  This is a project I can't take any credit for whatsoever because it has been all Scott.  And he is quite relieved to be done.We had two full boxes left over, so those will be returned to the store.  The random excess and "oops" pieces, however, are going into the fire pit.  As you can see in this photo, Scott had a lot of fun taking his aggression out on … [Read more...]

The Good… Sort Of


Between a new work schedule, the winter months creeping in (no more daylight when I leave for the office), and a recent wedding (the eighth wedding we've attended in the last three years! - that's a whole lotta love), we aren't completely done with the kitchen floors as originally intended.  But, a promise is a promise, so here is the good to go with the bad and the ugly:What do you think?  It's pretty much becoming more of the same since the living and dining room reveal, but I'm still giddy … [Read more...]

The Bad


In continuation of the reverse order of the good, the bad, and the ugly, I'd like to share some photos of what the outside of our home looks like while we're in the midst of kitchen flooring installation: NOT garbage bags... this is actually the moisture barrier that goes under the floor!  With the garage inconveniently full of other existing projects, the best ventilation for cutting linoleum is directly in front of the house.  Our neighbors love it.Not the most flattering of photos, but not … [Read more...]

Stuck Like Glue

As Scott has been installing the laminate floors in the kitchen, things have gotten a little messy around the UD house.  So, imagine my disappointment when I saw a stray piece of foam underlayment stuck to the new floor.The foam underlayment that goes under the floor is equipped with adhesive on one side to help attach it to the subfloor.  While this is helpful, it can be a real chore to detach if you're not careful... which is exactly what happened.  I moved the piece of underlayment to find a … [Read more...]