Friday Chaos


Today is one of those kinds of crazy days where I've committed to doing six more things than is at all logical, so we're just going to have a completely hodgepodge kind of post today to match.  But somehow, as it does most of the time, things will get done. Maybe not without a little more stress, but it will get done. Even if I have to slap someone, it will get done. And then I'll have fried shrimp tacos, and all will be right with the world. *********** At least I finished putting in … [Read more...]

Five Things Guys Just Should Not Say


Happy Valentine's Day!  This holiday doesn't hold much significance for a single girl like me, but I thought the day might be a smidge more fun to give you a new update about my love life, similar to here and here (despite my assumption that no one cares at all about my personal life, you guys sometimes ask, so I thought obliging every six months or so would be comfortable enough for me to share).  If you're not one of those people who is interested in this kind of stuff, feel free to just come … [Read more...]

Still Learning, Part 1


This is SO not how I saw this morning going. I woke up around 6:30 am to get ready for work.  And noticed the smell I'd caught a whiff of the night before was stronger.  It was a kind of smoky smell, which I'd first dismissed as dirty laundry (occasionally I find myself in a smoky bar or two, so had just assumed I'd forgotten to throw a t-shirt in the giant laundry pile and had instead peeled it off in my closet... which is unlike me, but still possible).  So, I started investigating. If … [Read more...]

The Island of Lost Toys


Apparently when you clean up a yard that's been covered in ivy for many years, you discover a number of things.  Mainly, lost toys. ... a frisbee ... a baseball ... don't forget about soccer! I think I may start a sporting goods store. If you haven't yet seen my new back yard (or as new as it's going to get for a while), you can check that out here.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend! … [Read more...]

Kitchen 2013: The I’m-Getting-Sick-Of-Gray-Paint Update

kitchen remodel

Ok, I promised you a real kitchen update today (read: finally, a post with pictures not taken with my phone), and that's exactly what you're going to get.  But, brace yourselves... are you sure you're truly ready to see a real kitchen in the midst of a remodel?  We're talking the kitchen of a person who spends most of her time outside her home and has been without a functioning kitchen for weeks.  Not that I ever really cooked much in here before beginning the remodel, but still... it's where … [Read more...]

Rain Delay


This weekend was one of those where a LOT of stuff got done.  I was on a roll (no pun intended) with the primer (and also successfully getting. it. everywhere.).  Mom and Granny came over again to help me tackle some of the other projects (like Mt. Washmore and painting another wall in the living room).  And we even took Granny to Hooters for lunch (we expected it to be a laugh riot; it wasn't). But there were also a few speedbumps, like the rain.  In my pursuit of a perfect paint finish on … [Read more...]

Warping Hiccups


(another good band name idea) It's FRIDAAAAAAYYY! Oh, wait... that means I have school tomorrow. Just to prove that this is somewhat close to an actual update, I took my own advice yesterday.  Instead of walking upstairs, I headed right for the laundry room and made a dent in Mount Washmore.  Then I made a dent into the next project for the upstairs hallway. Those are paint sticks with the little handle-y ends cut off.  I have a plan.  At least, I'd better with that many paint … [Read more...]

Stylish Garden Tool Storage

Internet, I love you.  Sometimes, you just get me. Happy Friday, everyone.  This Zombiewall picture has made my week.  And it is, without a doubt, going to be used in my garage in some way. (I don't really know what it is about zombie jokes, but I think they are hilarious.  Even my mom think so.) … [Read more...]

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere


On Fridays, I typically try to share with you something that happened during the week that made me laugh.  This week, it's brought to you by the letter P. Not really.  But I'll get there.  You see, for those who aren't familiar with the daily grind of having a blog, I get a lot of emails.  A freaking LOT of emails.  A majority of them are offers from freelance writers, marketing folks, and PR "gurus" who claim they have "really great content" that my readers "would really find valuable."  In … [Read more...]

The Home Blog Drinking Game

home blog drinking game

Last week while I was on vacation, I had a couple of posts pre-scheduled to publish when I knew I'd be preoccupied with things like sunbathing and rum-sipping.  I have to admit, I absolutely love the Wordpress phone app simply because it lets me moderate comments on the go.  And as it turns out, it was a good thing I could approve them poolside - my post asking for your opinion on home decor trends you're tired of seeing got a ton of activity! Some of your comments really cracked me up (and … [Read more...]

Fridays are for random things.

This post is a complete jumble from my to-do list.  I do this occasionally; for whatever reason, writing all of these things down in exactly the same way they pass through my brain helps me to actually get them done.  In fact, this entire week has pretty much been a product of my brain unwinding from finals.  It seems to be taking longer to unwind each semester, so just bear with me for one more random post.  Things should return to normal next week and I can finally share the stuff I've been … [Read more...]


Blog posts require several things.  Naturally, like most articles you read, they first require the main info:  who, what, where, when, why.  They also require pictures.  Good blog posts include multiple pictures that help tell the story that your words can't convey.  But what you don't know is how often the pictures that take up my SD card for each blog post include the many distractions I encounter during a "shoot".  I call it the sixth W - the "WTF", if you will. Take, for instance, this … [Read more...]