Tip: How to Secure Loose Pegboard Hooks

how to secure loose pegboard hooks

Happy Monday, folks! Hope those of you who celebrated Independence Day over the weekend had as relaxing of a time as I did. I am busy trying to work off a few extra hot dogs today, but it's back to the DIY program, so let's jump right in with a quick & easy tip. I made the same mistake that a lot of homeowners do when they install a pegboard wall for the first time: I bought a cheap set of assorted peg hooks. I may have saved myself a few bucks, and the hook even had a secondary … [Read more...]

Garage Pegboard Wall

pegboard wall

Warning you now: there are a LOT of photos in this post! On Monday, I shared some "before" and "progress" photos of turning my cramped one-car garage into an organized workshop. I have a bunch of plans for different sections in this space, but two of the items already crossed off the list are the DIY lumber rack on the right side, and my brand new pegboard storage wall on the left: But let's go over some backstory for why I chose a narrow pegboard wall in the first place: I'd love to … [Read more...]

Cheap and Easy DIY Lumber Rack

DIY lumber rack with shelf brackets

This is one of those projects where a harebrained idea turned out to actually work. Part of my garage makeover plans included installing a wall-mounted lumber rack for full lengths of lumber, conduit pipe, and molding that haven't yet been used. I've been searching for lumber rack ideas online and noticed that most of them came down to three options — each of which had their pros and cons. 1. DIY project: wood + pipe The gist of this option is to install lengths of conduit pipe into … [Read more...]

The UDH Workshop: Let’s Get Started


First of all: I know that "let's do this" is the slogan for big Orange (and therefore frequently seen across DIY blogland), but I often find myself wanting to just say it about a project I'm really excited about, even when it's not the least bit sponsored. And the fact that I both majored in marketing and tend to hold a white-knuckle grip onto my favorite phrases kind of makes me chuckle every time I think about how HD has cleverly appropriated it for themselves. But it's nothing that a … [Read more...]

The DIY Equivalent to “More Cowbell”

screw organization

Do you remember the "More Cowbell" skit from SNL? If there was an equivalent to building things with wood, it happened to me over the weekend. I got a fever, and the only prescription was more building. After trying in vain to find enough space in my garage to make sufficient progress on my laundry room shelves Friday night, I went to bed in a huff. A one car garage is just not a lot of room to move around in, and I've completely misused most of its square footage into a disorganized, … [Read more...]

Discounts: Just Ask for ‘Em


This weekend was jam-packed with projects dotted all over the house:  entryway touch-ups, more kitchen cabinet door hanging, garage fixes, and even a little yard work mixed in (my allergies have yet to forgive me, but for the first time ever, I actually enjoyed mowing the yard.  Only took four years.).  I guess when you've got a to-do list as long as I do and a limited amount of time to get them done, you pick up motivation where you can to just keep working wherever you happen to be standing. … [Read more...]

Stylish Garden Tool Storage

Internet, I love you.  Sometimes, you just get me. Happy Friday, everyone.  This Zombiewall picture has made my week.  And it is, without a doubt, going to be used in my garage in some way. (I don't really know what it is about zombie jokes, but I think they are hilarious.  Even my mom think so.) … [Read more...]

My Favorite Organizing Tip


(Hey hey!  Some of you may have noticed that the blog had a hiccup earlier in the week.  I won't bore you with the details, but since it caused the site to go down for a few days, you missed a regularly scheduled post - or two.  So now that the site's back up, I've decided to give you a little two-for-one today and publish another post this afternoon.  Thanks for your patience!)Stefanie from Brooklyn Limestone posted her favorite organizing tip the other day.  She was asked to provide one as … [Read more...]