The Big To-Do List in Order to Sell the House


Now that I've decided I'm going to be moving to Auburn (actual date TBD), the time has come to get things in order at my little Ugg-Duck and prepare to sell it. I can't say it's not bittersweet.  I've lived in this house for just over four years now, and only threw one party shortly after the flooring was installed.  Since then, my ex moved out and being alone changed the game considerably.  It's kinda been too much of an under-construction mess to entertain ever again (with the exception of … [Read more...]

Sneaky Sink Storage (False Drawer Fronts)

tip out tray

I may have learned a number of new things during my uncle's visit, but this was probably the most unexpected:  I thought the drawer fronts on my sink had been screwed & glued in place.  I knew that some people have the ability to remove them; but I didn't think I did.  They were stuck on really tightly, so without exploring further, I'd just painted them on the cabinets as-is. But thanks to my uncle, I found out that they were just very poorly installed (no suprise, considering some … [Read more...]

Stylish Garden Tool Storage

Internet, I love you.  Sometimes, you just get me. Happy Friday, everyone.  This Zombiewall picture has made my week.  And it is, without a doubt, going to be used in my garage in some way. (I don't really know what it is about zombie jokes, but I think they are hilarious.  Even my mom think so.) … [Read more...]

My Favorite Organizing Tip


(Hey hey!  Some of you may have noticed that the blog had a hiccup earlier in the week.  I won't bore you with the details, but since it caused the site to go down for a few days, you missed a regularly scheduled post - or two.  So now that the site's back up, I've decided to give you a little two-for-one today and publish another post this afternoon.  Thanks for your patience!)Stefanie from Brooklyn Limestone posted her favorite organizing tip the other day.  She was asked to provide one as … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: Come At Me, Bro

dueling DIY

Oh, it's on, you guys. One of the things I've enjoyed about blogging is that I've connected with a few other DIYers on a personal level.  As in actual phone calls and texts like real friends and sharing the latest personal life developments with each other.  One of the bloggers that falls into this category is Kit from DIY Diva.  If you don't already follow her amazing blog, Kit is hilarious.  And she's also totally nuts for buying an old farmhouse at auction while sitting in a bar (without … [Read more...]

A Little Garage Organization

Over the weekend, I got snarling mad at the dining room.  The wallpaper just wasn't coming off and I couldn't muster the energy to attack the wall anymore.  (UPDATE: for those that have asked, I've tried a pro steamer, fabric softener, vinegar, stain remover, you name it.  I've tried just about everything for this wallpaper.  This is just one of those things that differs from house to house and project to project.  Nothing is really working, but I'm almost done anyway, and then the part I know I … [Read more...]

Ho Hum-bug

Wanna know a dirty little secret?  Here's my confession:I don't feel like putting up my Christmas decorations this year.Yup.  Don't wanna.  Don't feel like dragging down the boxes that took me until February this year to bother putting away.  Don't wanna drag out the tree, wrestle with the ornament boxes, or hear a single jingling bell on any of the doorknobs in my house.  I don't want to bake Christmas cookies (but I'll be happy to eat yours if you offer).  You could say that I'm not "in the … [Read more...]

Sunday Challenge

I have an ambitious weekend planned.  With a long DIY-related to-do list.This baby's got a date with some gold paint.I need you to send me the "Sarah get your ass out of bed" vibes so I can get them all done, k?  Thanks a heap.SarahPsst:  Want more?  I love to post sneak peeks on Facebook and Instagram.  You can also find me on Hometalk and Twitter at uglyducklingDIY. … [Read more...]

Top 10 To-Dos: October

Lately, to-do lists mean very little to me.  At any given point, I have about 10 different projects I'd like to work on.  And since I have far more than 10 projects floating around in my head every day, the 10-item list is in a constant state of flux.  So, even though these items will likely change tomorrow, I thought it might be helpful to me (motivation-wise) to list out some of the easier projects I think I can tackle this month.  Which of course, is likely to change at any given second.Front … [Read more...]


So as it turned out, I didn't wind up cutting myself after all when I changed out the jigsaw blade.The next day, I actually used the jigsaw.  That's when I cut myself.It was no big deal though.  And it's for a good cause.  Charlie is making a mess, and it's time to remedy that.  (Actually, the corner is an issue from several months ago and a behavior that's already been fixed.  The overturned food bowl, however, happens every. single. day.)One problem at a time though.  I'm trying out a few … [Read more...]

Shelf Liner Turned Anti-Slip Rug Pad

What I love most about waking up in the morning is that there is a furry puppy smile to greet me.  As soon as Charlie gets out of her crate (she'll still be crate training until she's a year old), she runs from the guest room into the master bedroom, shaking her tail so hard that her whole body wiggles.She also runs across the new rug in the upstairs hallway, but unfortunately does this to it:Hmm.  Well, I have to keep the dog.  I want to keep the rug.  But I don't want to fix this each morning. … [Read more...]


After what feels like far too much waiting, I've started on one of my NYE resolutions already: the STUDY-O DESK!These are just a few shots from the build process so far, but I'm getting really excited at the idea that I will finally have this sucker in place in less than a week.  That's the plan, at least.I've cut all of the pieces down, sanded, and primed them.  I found a rather clever (if I do say so myself) way of elevating each piece off the table to paint three sides at once (without … [Read more...]