WNW: That Smell

It's spring, which means that I'm suffering through battles with allergies and the disgusting smell of the pear tree.Don't let the beauty of the flowers fool you.  They really, really stink.  Like... well, if I had a few beers, I might describe it.  But I gave beer up for Lent (and shopping for clothes & shoes), so you'll just have to read for yourself.However, there is one smell that I'm loving every minute of:  NEW CAR!!!She's all mine - a 2012 Jeep Compass.  My old 2002 Mercury Sable kept … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Craft Desk

easy diy craft desk

Last week, I showed you the start of my schmancy new desk for the study-o.  After a weekend of making the final few tweaks, the two tables are ready for a final reveal: I. Freaking. Made. That.  And here's how. (by the way, materials I used are put in bold on this post to make your shopping list easier if you're thinking of building this yourself) Before getting started on this project, I did a little research on desk heights.  Knowing how much time I'll spend at this spot blogging … [Read more...]

A Day Off (and another Goldilocks Moment)

As a homeowner, it seems I share a lot in common with Goldilocks.  If only I could find something just right immediately.  Or at the very least, have enough in common with lil' G that I find it on the third try.  Lucky broad.Monday was the only day that I had off this week.  The weather was cloudy and wet (throwing all plans to finish the stairs out the window - puppy mud prints aren't conducive to paint), so I tried my best to make it productive. In addition to scoring a few things for next … [Read more...]

Restored (Then Newly Floored)

I almost feel like Goldilocks whenever I'm searching for new home decor.  Whether it's a rug, lamp, or pillow, I always find myself thinking this one's too big... that one's too small... that one has the wrong yellow...er, wasn't there porridge somewhere in this story?Unlike me, Goldilocks seems to be able to find something juuuust right somewhere around her third attempt.  If only, right?  Lucky girl.  I seem to search for months and months and still might come up empty-handed.(And I don't seem … [Read more...]