Eyes Wide Open

Whenever my sister first sees something she's really excited about, her eyes get really wide, and you can read all over her face that it's made her day.  It cracks me up.  I'm sorry to say that I … [Read more...]

Sputnik Pursuits

I have said on more than one occasion that I have project A.D.D. (For a brief moment, I was going to call it "PADD" for short.  And then I realized that referring to myself as "succumbing to PADD" or … [Read more...]

Micro Tiles

Typical me: in the last week, I've spent a few hours skim coating drywall in the dining room (pictures posting of this tomorrow)... and therefore am daydreaming about redoing other rooms.  My kitchen … [Read more...]

Child’s Play

I'm a single homeowner with no children (someday I think I'd like to have three boys who love power tools as much as I do - just like Kelly's adorable little one).  So it's no surprise that I don't … [Read more...]