DIY Drywall Over Wood Paneling (at Mom and Dad’s)


This weekend was a bit unusual project-wise.  To begin with, there was a LOT of progress made.  Which I guess isn't all that typical for me (you know how I tend to creep along).  The other unusual factor was that all of my project work wasn't even at my own home.  Instead, I put aside the unfinished business going on at the Ugg-Duck in favor of getting a little something done at Mom and Dad's. Let me explain:  Dad's been a BIG help to me with my home over the years (like here and here and … [Read more...]

How to Smooth Countertop Edges with a Router


My new walnut butcher block countertop came unfinished.  That also means that the corners on every end of my new counters were not only unsanded, but very sharp. For Christmas, Dad got me a palm router... complete with a set of bits to play with.  And true to form, I waited until there was a BIG project to try her out (don't get me wrong though; I was VERY happy to see that router under our tree last year.  Enough that Mom thought it was hilarious to see her eldest daughter hugging the box … [Read more...]

From The Right Angle


When it came to my new kitchen, there were two cuts that my uncle and I worried about:  the 45 degree angled corner and the hole for the sink.  Today, we'll just cover the easier of the two (at least for us): the L-shaped corner that joined two pieces of my new walnut butcher block countertops together. The tip we received from Lumber Liquidators (my amazing supplier for my walnut counters) was to chalk the 45 degree line, cut halfway with a circular saw, flip it over, and cut the other … [Read more...]

Kitchen 2013: Tick Tock

kitchen cabinet doors in dining room

In terms of the kitchen project, I'm running out of time (and since the days are getting shorter - daylight!) before my aunt and uncle come to visit.  In other words, I'm going to need to bust my ass after work each day this week to get the remaining cabinets painted.  While things are going somewhat smoothly (I have the paint and all of my other supplies thanks to already having been through this with the lower cabinets), I ran into a little bit of a difference for the upper cabs.  For … [Read more...]

New Growth

First, something that may be more boring to some of you - all of the stuff that I hacked down a few weeks ago is starting to grow back.  Which is great, considering that the intention was to have a much more petite and manageable set of bushes in the front yard.  Yay for things going exactly like I planned, right? And then the of-course-not-everything-goes-as-planned part:  my aunt and uncle are planning to come down for a visit this fall!  There may be a small handful of you that might … [Read more...]

Prep Work

This weekend involved a heck of a lot more sleeping than DIYing.  On Saturday, I was nervously barreling through another finance exam, worried sick that I was going to fail.  Normally, I take a great amount of pride in my academic abilities; I don't often even get B's.  But as the universe tends to work, the last finance class I will ever take in my life is proving to be the most difficult.  This class involves analysis and insight on top of formulaic calculations, so it's sort of a … [Read more...]

Change of Plans

After class on Saturday, I came home to find a small trash can and block of wood on the front lawn.  It wasn't all that noticeable... except things like that should have been in my garage.  And as far as I could tell, the garage door was still closed.As I entered the house, I noticed more things were out of place.  The trash can was sitting in the kitchen.  There was crud all over the stairs.  And the hand rail bracket (the one that had stripped screws and I couldn't remove) was ripped out of … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Craft Desk

easy diy craft desk

Last week, I showed you the start of my schmancy new desk for the study-o.  After a weekend of making the final few tweaks, the two tables are ready for a final reveal: I. Freaking. Made. That.  And here's how. (by the way, materials I used are put in bold on this post to make your shopping list easier if you're thinking of building this yourself) Before getting started on this project, I did a little research on desk heights.  Knowing how much time I'll spend at this spot blogging … [Read more...]

Craft Desk (Partial) Reveal

The desk is FINALLY ready for its first tryout in the study-o.Did I go with Design #1?  Nope.  Design #2?  Nuh-uh.I went sleek and modern.  You kinda already saw it already when I showed you build day #2, but let's just pretend it's for the first time since it's finally in its new spot.Ooh, ahh.  It's sturdy, solid, and its imperfections are well-hidden (of course it's not perfect; I'm just happy it's not a complete wonky disaster).  And the best part is that it's ready just in time for … [Read more...]

Making Mistakes

Oops.It's bound to happen when you're doing something for the first time.  Like building two desks in your craft/study room and you've never really built anything before in your life.  Sure, I know a thing or two by now about caulk, painting, and even sawing under a stone fireplace to install flooring, but each time there was a learning curve.  Fun, but not without a little trial and error.The error being that I pre-drilled my pocket holes in one piece of wood only to later discover that I put … [Read more...]

DIY Desk Progress: Day 2

Day 2 of desk build.  Don't mind the garage - it too is a work in progress.  Yesterday that entire area had Christmas boxes stacked up.I won't say it came without frustration, and despite its imperfections (hey, never built a piece of furniture before - I'm just amazed it stands up straight), it will be worth it in the end.These are just a few pictures I took, mostly after everything was done (for safety reasons, it's not very easy - or wise - to take action shots when you're working alone in a … [Read more...]


After what feels like far too much waiting, I've started on one of my NYE resolutions already: the STUDY-O DESK!These are just a few shots from the build process so far, but I'm getting really excited at the idea that I will finally have this sucker in place in less than a week.  That's the plan, at least.I've cut all of the pieces down, sanded, and primed them.  I found a rather clever (if I do say so myself) way of elevating each piece off the table to paint three sides at once (without … [Read more...]