Charlie & The Kitchen


This week has been all about making progress on the kitchen walls. I know some of you guys have waited a LONG time for me to find the motivation to finish this room, and it's finally come! After … [Read more...]

Kitchen Succulents


In yet another celebration of Things I've Kept Alive, I bring you new kitchen succulents: At first, I wasn't really sure that this little update really warranted a post. I've shared some of my … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: I Work Out

cabinet doors

It's that time again for another kitchen update.  And this time, it's got something finished.  The upper cabinet doors are now all hanging back up where they belong!  :) After working up a … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: Counting the Hours

paint door

Happy Friday!  I normally mean to post kitchen updates each Wednesday, but if you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you have probably just gotten used to me getting around to things … [Read more...]