Dueling DIY: Pulling Myself Out of a DIY Rut

diy rut

Oh, you remember that whole battle with Brick City Love to finish our kitchens, right? Yeah... well, I guess I am officially losing after getting distracted with blue dining room walls and then losing steam, because that's pretty much what happened with my side of things this summer. Meanwhile, Carrie is picking up speed and really throwing some salt in my game (that's throwback slang from 2005, folks. And yeah, that made me feel old. 30 is apparently making me cranky.). But this … [Read more...]

Count Your Brush Strokes Instead of Sheep

when i can't sleep

Last night, I had a tough time sleeping. I just couldn't get tired enough, and always catch a tough-to-fight second wind around 10pm. So, knowing that I wasn't going to be hitting the hay quite as early as I would have liked, I used my go-to cure for when I can't sleep: painting something. I don't know precisely what it is: the soothing and quiet house, the repetitive nature of painting, or simply knowing that I'm getting something done, but this method seems to work for me each and every … [Read more...]

How to Extend & Fix a Wobbly Outlet

wiggly outlet

In a perfect world, I wouldn't do as much assuming as I do before I begin a project.  I almost always underestimate the time a project's going to take... that I have every possible supply I could need already on hand (ha!)... and that I really won't make that big of a mess.  I'll be careful and aware of my surroundings. In other words, I can be pretty stupid. In a perfect world, I would do all of my homework before beginning a project and not just assume that two previous tiling projects … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: Little Things All Around

gfci outlet

Hey, ever think you pushed "publish" on your post but didn't?  Oops.  Going out one day later than expected, but let's all pretend it's Friday once more... Yeah, yeah, yeah... it's Friday and not Wednesday, I know.  But still - Dueling DIY post comin' at ya. While adding the hardware to all of the cabinet doors in the kitchen is a bit slow-moving, I have found time in the week to get to some of the smaller things, such as adding the little foam buttons to all of the cabinet doors (to … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: I Work Out

cabinet doors

It's that time again for another kitchen update.  And this time, it's got something finished.  The upper cabinet doors are now all hanging back up where they belong!  :) After working up a sweat in the kitchen (not cooking - Hell did not freeze over), I realized that I should probably start counting some of this DIY stuff as daily exercise.  After all, I'm doing plenty of gym-like activities in here, such as: Lunges (I've realized that since I don't have a stack of paper towel rolls … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: Counting the Hours

paint door

Happy Friday!  I normally mean to post kitchen updates each Wednesday, but if you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you have probably just gotten used to me getting around to things when I do.  I considered waiting until next Wednesday's after pictures to finally have a good post update, but... nah.  After all, since when is this blog just about before and afters anyway? So, even though I don't yet have them up and ready to take those sweet "after" photos for a few more … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: Well Hung


It sounds like a bad or boring thing to entitle this post More Cabinet Doors, but when it comes to the progression of this kitchen, more of anything is pretty damn good.  Behold: That, my friends, is an entire section of my kitchen (the whole unit next to the fridge) with all of the doors re-attached.  I was cursing even more than I did last week when trying to install the smaller ones above the fridge itself, but in the end, they all succumbed to my stubbornness.  AND, they're even … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: Snarling at Inanimate Objects


Here's a perfect way to get frustrated:  give me a task that requires at least three hands to do properly, and provide me with only two.  This is exactly the scenario of what hanging the upper cabinet doors has been like. When I reattached the bottom cabinet doors, I had to get creative with support in lieu of a third arm to hold the door (while my two hands were occupied holding & screwing in the hinge).  A little funny, but still - worked pretty well. The full steps are … [Read more...]