Laundry Room Tile Backsplash

laundry room tile backsplash

It's taken a couple of weeks, but the back wall of my laundry room has now disposed of 100% of the leftover box of tile from my kitchen backsplash. I always knew that adding tile in here would dress things up a bit (and tie the two rooms together a little more, since they're right next to each other), but I'll admit that without having tiled the kitchen first (tutorial here), things probably wouldn't have gone quite as smoothly in this room.  A few cuts around the window left me with a … [Read more...]

Adventures in Basketweaving

basket rope

Ok... already starting this post off with a lie.  I didn't really weave anything.  I used a glue gun. But, the cheap-o thrift store basket I re-found a few weeks ago (and then began using as a trash can in the laundry room, the one that inspired a photo of me in a wig) is now looking a little swankier with some manila rope. First off: I didn't know there was more than one kind of rope to do a project like this.  I thought sisal rope was more of a generic phrase rather than a specific … [Read more...]

Laundry Room Updates

laundry room art

As many of you might remember, I took a break from kitchen updates during the holidays to work on the laundry room.  For good reason, too: I was getting a new washer & dryer as a graduation gift, and that meant I needed to install a new floor before the appliances arrived (which required first laying down a tile membrane, then tile, then grout... still haven't sealed the darn thing). I justified the break by telling myself that after the tile, appliances, and paint were in, I wouldn't … [Read more...]

Done is Better Than Perfect.

LG laundry set

I had to wake up at 6 am for this. Of everything you might already know about me from this blog, one thing is for certain: I am NOT a morning person. The night before my new laundry set was supposed to arrive, I was at my graduation dinner with my parents.  I'd ordered the appliances from Home Depot on Black Friday and scheduled the delivery for this past Friday, assuming that would be enough time for finals, graduation-related things, and most importantly, getting the floor grouted, … [Read more...]

Paint & Mud & Grout, Oh My


So... last week was the last full week of school.  I got sick just before all hell broke loose, and my very last final was yesterday evening (you can see how this made me feel right here).  I'm still waiting on hearing back about my last two grades, but I've locked in one A so far, which means I could pretty much bomb these other two classes and still graduate.  No more semesters to dread ever again. Point is, I survived, and during the course of these last few days of cramming for the end of … [Read more...]

If You Catch My Drift – Laundry Room Mood Board

laundry room mood board

One of my friends uses the absolute worst idiom for "I understand".  Instead of using a relatively normal phrase, he likes to say, "I can smell what you're stepping in." Ew. Just ew. Anyway, I thought today would be a little fun to show you what the design plan is for the laundry room so you can, in a sense, understand where this whole effort is going.  Hop on my train of thought.  Pick up what I'm laying down.  Whatever.  You've already seen me install the floor tile, but we still have a … [Read more...]

I Have the Wingspan of a Fruit Fly.

tiled laundry room floor

Alternative title:  Things Learned While Tiling the Laundry Room Floor With only a few days left before Black Friday (and consequently my Black Friday laundry appliance shopping plans), the weekend was prime for laundry room floor tiling.  After installing the Ditra last weekend, I used a box of inexpensive gray ceramic tiles ($0.99 per tile) to dry fit their placement. I chose this particular layout mainly to limit the number of cuts I'd need to make per tile.  Couple of thoughts on … [Read more...]

Tiling Over Concrete Subfloor (with Ditra Uncoupling Membrane)


I have bruises on my knees. No, that's not my way of introducing a fourth occupation in my busy schedule (I may be crazy enough to work the equivalent of several full-time jobs at once, but turning tricks is not one of them).  The bruises are from here: If it weren't so far away, I'd have kneepads on my Christmas wishlist at this point.  But no matter, the hard part (if you can even call it that, it was actually pretty easy!) is done.  Follow me on my epically long thought process to … [Read more...]