What the Frass?!

dirty legs

If I were to be asked, "What's the nastiest thing you've encountered from working on your house?"  I would have always thought my answer would be about the press-on fingernails we found in the fridge (and in the closet, and in the garage, and in the carpet) when I moved in.  Or that the kitchen was so dirty, oven cleaner had to be used on the countertops and the ceiling was orange (likely from years of chain smoking by the previous owner).  Or the disgusting and caked-on dirt found behind the … [Read more...]

Burly Hunks


Before this week, I didn't know what burl wood was.  I've even seen it as a desk when I was in Washington, D.C. last year for the Solar Decathlon.  Despite it being love at first sight, I didn't bother to actually find out its name. Come to think of it, that's not that far off from my love life in general over the last year. Anywho, in case you're still not 100% sure about this term, let me show you a few other examples of its sheer awesomeness:     Source: … [Read more...]

Lingo Lessons: Lighting, Part One

It's about that time again... another installment of Lingo Lessons! If you are new to this blog (or as scatterbrained as I am and just forgot), Lingo Lessons are periodic posts that I create to help those out there who struggle with all the fancy schmancy DIY and home improvement terms.  For instance, most of you know what a stair tread is (the part you step on), but as I showed you in this post, the other parts of a staircase are good to know when you need to describe to the guy at Lowe's, … [Read more...]

Lingo Lesson: Selecting a Faucet

My oh my, it seems that everything comes in a variety of options... including the kitchen sink!...or bathroom sink, for that matter, which is what prompted my research for selecting a faucet... and our next installment of Lingo Lessons!  If you didn't catch the first one, Lingo Lessons are periodic posts in which I impart vocabulary wisdom to the DIY blog world.  If you've ever been at Lowe's or Home Depot and struggled to get your point across to the rep, then these lessons are for … [Read more...]

Lingo Lesson: Stair Terminology

Ever wonder what that thing on your stairs is called?Image: JMX BambooWell, it's called a riser, and this post is going to part of a new feature on this blog:  ever been in Home Depot or Lowe's, and had difficulty describing what you need to the rep?  Or, how about when you're trying to simply Google a project tutorial, but your links are not quite what you're looking for?Having the correct terminology to describe what you need, want, or simply to brag about to your friends ("I used drywall tape … [Read more...]