SheKnows TV’s Homestretch: Season 9 Now Live!

behind the scenes

Hi folks!  I'm still working on my enormous to-do list for selling the house and skipping from room to room, so not much project-wise to show you just yet (I took a vacation over this past weekend for my birthday, so I am doing some catching up for next week). BUT, good news: my new season on SheKnows TV's Homestretch is now live!  I mentioned it back in March after my last trip to Arizona, and unlike my last season, I'm actually writing up a full recap and trying to have that ready for next … [Read more...]

Out of Order (House Tour Video)


For those of you who have read this blog for longer than five minutes, you're already plenty aware of how much I skip around from project to project (even with the kitchen itself, I interrupted my progress to do a fall backyard makeover before turning back to the cabinetry).  I guess skipping around, working on what interests me, is just the way I keep myself motivated.  So it shouldn't be too much of a surprise to find that as far as this blog's posting schedule goes, I sometimes skip around in … [Read more...]

Living Room Light


The new light in my living room is simply fantastic.  Sure, I could say it's because the sun is setting later, but I can't get over how much brighter and more cheerful I feel now that the house isn't a cave from all the tan paint when I walk in the door. A few weeks ago, I probably wouldn't have picked up these tulips (well, they weren't for sale then either, but some other type of flower).  It would be too dark by the time I got home to enjoy them.  But now I have plenty of time to get home … [Read more...]

Fifteen Wall Surfaces

entryway bench

I briefly mentioned it yesterday, but it bears repeating: there are fifteen different wall surfaces in this house that are turning from a medium tan to a light greige. Among these surfaces include: the hallway to the kitchen (done) the entryway nook (done) the bow window in the living room (halfway complete) the wall along the fireplace (not yet started) the support wall separating the living room and staircase (not yet started) the (obnoxiously tall) staircase walls (meh - maybe … [Read more...]

Living Room: Before & Progress

It's been a while since I've updated the House Tour, so now that I'm on a school break, I'm attempting to at least not come home to a train wreck.  I started with the living room and got halfway through the kitchen staging before I completely passed out from exhaustion, but luckily this house isn't huge.  I'll be done with the downstairs in no time.And since it's been two and half years from where the renovations all began, now seems like as good a time as any to take a trip down memory lane … [Read more...]

An Old Find for the Living Room

For the most part, I like modern pieces.  But every now and then, I find an old treasure I can't wait to take home.This old basket is an antique Chinese rice bucket.  I found it during a recent Atlanta thrifting event with local bloggers at a store called A Classy Flea.  I found some fantastic odds and ends, but this was the only one I couldn't leave without.  Tip:  don't leave an item like this unattended.  You see it, you snatch it - before someone else does.I'm not entirely sure what to do … [Read more...]

Spring Break


A friend of mine who is in another program at my university has a week off for Spring Break.  I thought this was weird considering that it's friggin' February.Atlanta is definitely experiencing a mild winter.  And I'm personally thrilled that the days are getting longer.  Charlie is loving it too since I can start taking her to the park after work again (they shut down when the sun sets). With my thoughts on spring, it was interesting that I happened to stumble onto this fabric at Joann's the … [Read more...]


I have two decorative pillows on my couch in the living room.  I got them so long ago that I can't remember how they wound up in my possession or how they wound up making a regular appearance on the couch.  The crinkly beige fabric on them makes them disappear into the nearly identical shade of the sofa.  That is, except for one mysterious black ink spot (I suspect a broken pen, and thank god it didn't bleed onto the couch) which often makes me do a double-take thinking it might be a spider. … [Read more...]