Living Room Light


The new light in my living room is simply fantastic.  Sure, I could say it's because the sun is setting later, but I can't get over how much brighter and more cheerful I feel now that the house isn't … [Read more...]

Fifteen Wall Surfaces

entryway bench

I briefly mentioned it yesterday, but it bears repeating: there are fifteen different wall surfaces in this house that are turning from a medium tan to a light greige. Among these surfaces … [Read more...]

Spring Break


A friend of mine who is in another program at my university has a week off for Spring Break.  I thought this was weird considering that it's friggin' February.Atlanta is definitely experiencing a mild … [Read more...]


I have two decorative pillows on my couch in the living room.  I got them so long ago that I can't remember how they wound up in my possession or how they wound up making a regular appearance on the … [Read more...]