Office Space 2015: The Evolution of A Room Design

office space 2015

As promised: I've finally worked out the design plan for the upstairs office. When I first moved into the house (back in 2010), the original design plan for the room was to create a calming, serene craft space to store most of my crap craft supplies in. It's strange to think that at the time, I assumed that this blog was going to mostly be about decorating and small DIY projects. And then I fell in love with a miter saw, and the rest is history. Two years and a number of projects … [Read more...]

If You Catch My Drift – Laundry Room Mood Board

laundry room mood board

One of my friends uses the absolute worst idiom for "I understand".  Instead of using a relatively normal phrase, he likes to say, "I can smell what you're stepping in." Ew. Just ew. Anyway, I thought today would be a little fun to show you what the design plan is for the laundry room so you can, in a sense, understand where this whole effort is going.  Hop on my train of thought.  Pick up what I'm laying down.  Whatever.  You've already seen me install the floor tile, but we still have a … [Read more...]

Dining Room Mood Board

dining room mood board

I have almost everything I want to use in the dining room purchased already.  Curtains, rugs, chairs, my table... I just have to put it together.  In the end, the plan is to make it look a little something like this: Curtains from West Elm. Chairs and rug from Ikea.  Floor is the same throughout the downstairs.  The light fixture in my dining room mood board is from West Elm as well, but it's not quite screaming BUY ME just yet, so there's a good chance that will change between now and the … [Read more...]

Guest Bath Mood Board


Pollen has begun to coat every outdoor surface in Atlanta.  No joke, yesterday morning on my ride to work, I saw someone's rear window with yellow streaks like they tried (in vain) to use the car's wiper to clean off the dust.  My allergies haven't kicked in yet, but I suspect my eyes and nose are just bombarded for the moment and will have an Indiana Jones boulder-style sensory overload any day. via Despite the typical seasonal setback, warm weather is arriving early, and I … [Read more...]

Oh, That’s Right… I Have a Backyard

backyard improved

The state of the backyard is about the same as it was last year.  Now that summer has come back around, I'm reminded once again how shabby things look when glancing out of the patio doors. The only changes made to it last year were closing off the fence, killing off the ivy (which I've yet to actually remove from the tree - now that's an arm workout I'm just not looking forward to), and digging a small fire pit (which we haven't used after Scott nearly set the house on fire). So, … [Read more...]

Reader Poll: Make ‘Em Say Ahhh

Lovely... Blogger took down yesterday's post, removed the images and removed the results of the poll.  Guess we'll give it a go one more time!  Sorry folks, not my fault I swear!I'm having a lot of fun doing the mood board for the future "spa" master bath.  Well, as much as a room that's only 8 x 6 can be considered spa-like.  Spa closet?Anywho, I've been having so much fun that I've actually created two different mood boards... and now I can't decide which I like more.  I've already picked out … [Read more...]

If I Won a Free Makeover For One Room…

kitchen mood board

... I would totally GUT my ugly kitchen. You already know how much I dislike my kitchen, but Liz over at It's Great to Be Home is having a blog party and asked this very question.  If you won a free makeover, which room would it be, and what would you do?  And since it's fun to daydream about what I would want in my dream kitchen, I'm heading to the party with a new mood board.  After all, if I didn't imagine what I truly wanted for the room, I wouldn't have a design to DIY, would I?  Here we … [Read more...]

Craft Room Layout

craft room mood board

Now that the craft room has been painted, it's time to get this room functioning again.  Currently, I have an old (and paint-stained) folding table that I have used for the last two years as my craft table.  However, I have been exploring potential craft room ideas and it seems like a new table may be in order.  I will need to address several problems with the current (and pretty much non-existent) layout: more storage space, more surface area, and separate areas for each craft function (paper, … [Read more...]