Gardenias Blooming!

bloomed gardenias

I know I said just a day and a half ago that I would be posting some archived stuff soon, but I had an unexpected update to share. The first flower from the garden beds has finally bloomed. And it's … [Read more...]

Gardenia Garden Beds


Garden bed update: 2 of the 3 beds are finished! Looking at how things are shaping up, this was definitely a good idea for the back yard, but let's back up in case you missed some of the … [Read more...]

Summer Beauties


It occurred to me today as I was filling up yet another wheelbarrow full of mulch that I have been sharing some other gardening news on Instagram, but haven't yet shared it on here. My … [Read more...]

The Azaleas Bloomed!


It's no secret that as far as gardening is concerned, I'm still a beginner. Or even less than a beginner. A nonstarter? A plant killer? Anyway, point is, I was a little fearful that the trauma my … [Read more...]

Goodbye, Troublesome Trees

how to find a good tree removal service

Happy... um, Tuesday? Wednesday? This week is flying by! Normally, I'd be in a great mood today, since I usually look forward to hot yoga days (I'm still making progress on that goal to get back into … [Read more...]

Diggin’ Up Bones

dad chainsaw

My calendar originally had today's spot reserved for an update on my moving announcement from earlier this year. I like to share more personal things on Fridays, but after yesterday's 2600+ word post, … [Read more...]