From The Right Angle


When it came to my new kitchen, there were two cuts that my uncle and I worried about:  the 45 degree angled corner and the hole for the sink.  Today, we'll just cover the easier of the two (at least … [Read more...]

Pinning in Circles

DIY Wooden Couch Sleeve Tutorial

On a quick trip to Lowe's for some last-minute wood stain (coughcoughPinterestChallengecough), I also picked up a slim pine board that seemed juuuuuust the right length for sawing into thirds for … [Read more...]

New Vac

eureka vac

You may have noticed from a few photos on the blog this week or on my Facebook page that I purchased a new vacuum over the weekend. This new Eureka model seemed to be a perfect fit for what I … [Read more...]

How To Change A Jigsaw Blade


Over the weekend, I found myself in need of my jigsaw.  Problem though was that the blade had seen better days. It was time to change out the blade, but I'd never done it before.  Would it be … [Read more...]

Making Mistakes


Oops.It's bound to happen when you're doing something for the first time.  Like building two desks in your craft/study room and you've never really built anything before in your life.  Sure, I know a … [Read more...]