From The Right Angle


When it came to my new kitchen, there were two cuts that my uncle and I worried about:  the 45 degree angled corner and the hole for the sink.  Today, we'll just cover the easier of the two (at least for us): the L-shaped corner that joined two pieces of my new walnut butcher block countertops together. The tip we received from Lumber Liquidators (my amazing supplier for my walnut counters) was to chalk the 45 degree line, cut halfway with a circular saw, flip it over, and cut the other … [Read more...]

Pinning in Circles

DIY Wooden Couch Sleeve Tutorial

On a quick trip to Lowe's for some last-minute wood stain (coughcoughPinterestChallengecough), I also picked up a slim pine board that seemed juuuuuust the right length for sawing into thirds for another scrap wood project I've been meaning to try: a DIY wooden couch sleeve. The fact that I picked up a perfectly good board for no other purpose than this means that it's decidedly not a scrap wood project.  But it's still a pinspired project since I found (and pinned) the idea several months … [Read more...]

Things I Can’t Wait to Build

It's no surprise that the very nanosecond I tell myself to limit the projects I'm doing (so I can get something done and then do more projects, of course), I then get the urge to build everything I see.  Here are just a few I'm itching to create.When shopping at Crate&Barrel last week, I spotted this bedside table.  Perfect for late night blogging, and it looks really simple to make (I already have something similar but doesn't reach the height of the bed in the master, so I've moved it into the … [Read more...]

New Vac

eureka vac

You may have noticed from a few photos on the blog this week or on my Facebook page that I purchased a new vacuum over the weekend. This new Eureka model seemed to be a perfect fit for what I needed:  strong suction power, no winding tubes to get clogged, and good for pet hair.  Plus, after my experience with another Eureka vac, I trust the brand and really like the lack of mess with bags (with the old bagless one, the thing I hated most was dumping the canister into the trash and watching a … [Read more...]

How To Change A Jigsaw Blade


Over the weekend, I found myself in need of my jigsaw.  Problem though was that the blade had seen better days. It was time to change out the blade, but I'd never done it before.  Would it be difficult?  Are there actually different blade types?  Or worse yet - would I figure it out before I cut my hand open? As it turns out, changing out the blade of a jigsaw is actually very simple.  For this tutorial, I’m basically assuming that all jigsaws are assembled exactly like mine.  While that … [Read more...]

What A Tool


Whenever someone says the word tool, I still think of something like this: Not something like this: Though, this year I think that's changing.  I'm thisclose to drawing little hearts all over it. And my coworkers started saving these guys for me: They're old Orbit gum containers.  How clever of them is that?  Free, and they hold the perfect amount of stuff inside for my someday efficient workshop (they hold exactly one package of Kreg screws; I love happy coincidences like … [Read more...]

Making Mistakes

Oops.It's bound to happen when you're doing something for the first time.  Like building two desks in your craft/study room and you've never really built anything before in your life.  Sure, I know a thing or two by now about caulk, painting, and even sawing under a stone fireplace to install flooring, but each time there was a learning curve.  Fun, but not without a little trial and error.The error being that I pre-drilled my pocket holes in one piece of wood only to later discover that I put … [Read more...]

DIY Desk Progress: Day 2

Day 2 of desk build.  Don't mind the garage - it too is a work in progress.  Yesterday that entire area had Christmas boxes stacked up.I won't say it came without frustration, and despite its imperfections (hey, never built a piece of furniture before - I'm just amazed it stands up straight), it will be worth it in the end.These are just a few pictures I took, mostly after everything was done (for safety reasons, it's not very easy - or wise - to take action shots when you're working alone in a … [Read more...]


After what feels like far too much waiting, I've started on one of my NYE resolutions already: the STUDY-O DESK!These are just a few shots from the build process so far, but I'm getting really excited at the idea that I will finally have this sucker in place in less than a week.  That's the plan, at least.I've cut all of the pieces down, sanded, and primed them.  I found a rather clever (if I do say so myself) way of elevating each piece off the table to paint three sides at once (without … [Read more...]

All Washed Up

Why is it that things seem to go wrong when they are the most inconvenient?  For example, you're dealing with a broken A/C while trying to pack for a ten-day vacation and get seven loads of laundry done so you don't come home to a giant mess.There you are, multitasking, trying to be Miss Prepared-And-Ready.  You start your load of laundry, go about your business, and come back to the washer after the appropriate amount of time for your load to be done.  You lift the lid to find...... a washing … [Read more...]

Chilling Out?

We came back from a weekend of football excitement to find this...It's our A/C.  Completely frozen.  Frick.And it looks like the interior had a chance to thaw... which left this pretty little stain on the ceiling in the craft room.  Frick.So, I did only what I could think of to do, which was to lay down a tarp...And call for reinforcements.  Hopefully soon, we'll have the air working again.  Thank goodness it's starting to get cooler outside! … [Read more...]

Sometimes It’s Good When Something Sucks

My old vacuum cleaner has been replaced by...Another old vacuum cleaner!  The price?  Fah-REE!I appreciate the comments from my vacuum post on what kind I should get, and I am definitely going to take them into consideration once our new free one breaks, but when my parents said they had an old one that wasn't being used, I couldn't pass it up!I'm so grateful I don't have to dip into my "home renovation" money and turn it into "home appliance replacement" money.  Plus, it's got attachments for … [Read more...]