Copper Charm for the Kitchen

moscow mule

For as long as I've been making design plans in the kitchen, there is one element (pun-intended) that has always been in the works:  copper accents.  And thanks to a recent sale of these popular mugs, … [Read more...]

Eyes Wide Open

Whenever my sister first sees something she's really excited about, her eyes get really wide, and you can read all over her face that it's made her day.  It cracks me up.  I'm sorry to say that I … [Read more...]

Home Styling Ideas

Last night, I took a trip down to Atlantic Station (an outdoor shopping center in the heart of Midtown Atlanta) to do a little window shopping and pick up some light bulbs from Ikea (which is … [Read more...]

Six Ways to Use Pinterest

We all know Pinterest is a place to pin inspirational photos, DIY projects, and recipes, right?  But that's not always what I use it for.  Sometimes if you're not finding what you really need through … [Read more...]