A Futzing Find

wire bowl

My drill crapped out on me last night.  And don't you think it's perfect timing considering the project I decided to take on this week?And instead of immediately going to the store to buy a new one, I … [Read more...]

Study-O Storage Options

office wall

I've now saved myself a little bit of money to buy the storage unit (or the wood to build one) for the study-o. I could go with the traditional Expedit bookshelf option from IKEA.  I have even … [Read more...]

Study-O as a Studio

staining wood blue

I finally had the opportunity to use my study-o as it was intentioned... as a room for creating.I have an old, large canvas that I was hoping to reuse.  Those suckers can get expensive, and I am an … [Read more...]

The Right White


I've always heard that white paint can be a real pain when trying to paint a room.  Between the blinds, the table, and the trim, finding a shade of white that would really work on the two walls … [Read more...]

All the Little Bits


Yes, the bathroom isn't finished.But when a project seems endless, a girl needs to just to take out a can of spray paint, already.  The instant satisfaction of untouched to finished product in an … [Read more...]