Utilizing Behind-the-Door Space in the Office for Wood Stamps

office ledge 3

Last week, I mentioned that I was building a number of things, including something organizational for my home office. I've finished 2 out of the 4 total that will be installed, but wanted to go ahead and share the modified plans with you for my wood stamp collection display! These wood stamp storage plans are heavily based on Ana White's $10 ledges, but a 1x4 is slightly too wide to fit the narrow space behind the door. Instead, I used 1x3s for the bottom and back of each ledge, which … [Read more...]

Bookshelf Building in the Office

leaning bookshelf

Bathe the dog. That's really all I had left on my to-do list this past Sunday. But as it often goes around the UDH, accomplishing something that's nearly impossible – like getting Charlie to sit still in a tub – is just the momentum I need to get a few more things done. And since my leaning bookshelf order for my new office design arrived early from Urban Outfitters (on sale, too), I figured I might as well spend my Sunday night assembling one of them and start my week off on a productive … [Read more...]

Office Space 2015: The Evolution of A Room Design

office space 2015

As promised: I've finally worked out the design plan for the upstairs office. When I first moved into the house (back in 2010), the original design plan for the room was to create a calming, serene craft space to store most of my crap craft supplies in. It's strange to think that at the time, I assumed that this blog was going to mostly be about decorating and small DIY projects. And then I fell in love with a miter saw, and the rest is history. Two years and a number of projects … [Read more...]

A Futzing Find

wire bowl

My drill crapped out on me last night.  And don't you think it's perfect timing considering the project I decided to take on this week?And instead of immediately going to the store to buy a new one, I futzed around Target's clearance aisle after work yesterday.  Because if there's one thing I'm good at, I'm brilliant at wasting time.  Gold medal in the Procrastinator Olympics over here.  But I'm glad I did, because I found several of these: Technically, they are wire bowls.  I'm holding it … [Read more...]

Study-O Storage Options

office wall

I've now saved myself a little bit of money to buy the storage unit (or the wood to build one) for the study-o. I could go with the traditional Expedit bookshelf option from IKEA.  I have even found these plans from ana-white.com (turned vertically, of course), so I know I can make them on my own (and have an excuse to use my favorite tool again). I could go with the new (trendy) option of the Vittsjo shelves from IKEA.  They sort of remind me of old drying racks from pottery class. … [Read more...]

Study-O as a Studio

staining wood blue

I finally had the opportunity to use my study-o as it was intentioned... as a room for creating.I have an old, large canvas that I was hoping to reuse.  Those suckers can get expensive, and I am an impatient girl if I have to wait for another 50% off canvas sale at Hobby Lobby.  So, I have the next best thing to a new canvas:  a freshly repainted one. I'm not 100% sure what the canvas will eventually look like, but I'm thinking it should be a mixed media world map of some kind.  Something a … [Read more...]

The Right White


I've always heard that white paint can be a real pain when trying to paint a room.  Between the blinds, the table, and the trim, finding a shade of white that would really work on the two walls opposite the navy walls in the study-o proved to be one hell of a challenge. Let's start with the original teal walls - the first color I chose back when I thought this would be just a craft room. But after choosing to rename the room based on its combined new purpose, I also decided to repaint it … [Read more...]

All the Little Bits


Yes, the bathroom isn't finished.But when a project seems endless, a girl needs to just to take out a can of spray paint, already.  The instant satisfaction of untouched to finished product in an afternoon (or in my schedule, over the course of two post-workout evenings) is just too much to resist sometimes.This is the little metal bike I got on clearance several months ago that will eventually be made into an art piece in the guest bathroom.  You know - the one that doesn't currently have a … [Read more...]