What do this guyAnd this guyAnd me have in common?  No, we're not going for the joke that will make me give you the frozen oh-no-you-didn't glare.What I mean is, I add extra, totally made up syllables to words when I'm excited.  Love becomes la-HOVE and  yes becomes ye-HESS and I can't seem to stop myself.  I still have the memory in college when two girls laughed hysterically at me when I called something BUH-zarre and continued to remind me of it at every party I saw them at thereafter.It's … [Read more...]

Get Your Fix(ture)

If you follow the Ugly Duckling House on Twitter, you may have seen my recent lighting obsession... well, explode.  No, I didn't get hacked.  I just can't get enough of funky pendant lighting and have been posting all of my finds to my Pinterest inspiration board.  I'm especially loving lighting that is Moroccan-inspired or Turn-of-the-Century looking (you may recall my swoon fest last month).If you are in the market for light fixtures and think that $1000+ is a reasonable price tag (you lucky, … [Read more...]

Swoon: Edison Chandeliers

Has anyone been on the lookout for Edison bulbs and chandeliers?  They have been on the design radar for a while now, but I am suddenly enamored by their turn-of-the-century industrial look.Salt Factory Pub in Roswell, GAMaybe it's the simplistic style.  Maybe it's because they look old.  Maybe it's because I've been hanging around in too many craft brew houses lately and this is restaurant chic.  You be the judge.  I wouldn't be surprised if you get a red brick wall as a gift with purchase of … [Read more...]

Swoon: Mercury Glass

Mercury glass (and look-alikes) seems to be everywhere.  I, for one, am pretty darn happy about that.Image: Living, ETC - Drool-worthy pendant lights found hereMaybe it's just that time of year, but metallics have really been catching my eye lately.  In truth, I like metallics year-round, but mercury glass seems especially appropriate as we approach the holidays.  Here are a few of my favorites.     Fluted Vase - Target (cheaper at Overstock);  Antique Pillar Holders - Pottery Barn; ornaments - … [Read more...]

Today, I Discovered…

Anthropologie.I didn't realize it was possible to have a crush on a STORE, but I'm smitten.  Check out these beauties.Items:  Waves of Ruffles Shower Curtain, Muted Gleam Curtain Panels, Coqo Floral Lime Rug, Moroccan Tile Sheet Set, Leaf Study Bath SetThey have two stores in Atlanta and carry clothing and jewelry in addition to housewares.  Before I step one foot inside the store, I'll have to find some way to take care of this drool thing.  Want, want, want.Items:  June, July, August Dress; … [Read more...]