But First, Coffee


Everyone who's going to post a lot of updates this week, take one step forward. Not so fast, Sarah. I had good intentions this week to get out a number of updates with some design dilemmas and additional progress made in the dining room and laundry room (Giant canvas purchased? Check. New light fixture installation? Check!), but instead, my site decided to lock me out for the better part of the week. Which sucked, and I was scrambling for a little while for what to post after everything had … [Read more...]

Time Tips: Terrible Things

mud pan

Over the last few weeks, I've been plagued by a few terrible things. I say terrible, but really, that's just an excuse to use another lyric-inspired post title (as I've done before, like here, here, and here... and by the way, if you haven't heard of April Smith and the Great Picture Show, I would suggest checking her out. Some of her stuff is downright catchy and fun to play while I'm doing terrible things... like skim coating). The main thing on this liste de terribles? Mocking, … [Read more...]

Time Tips: Well, THAT Was Easier.


It's been a while since I did one of these posts.  And this one has been sitting in my Drafts for a while.  None of these individual time-saving tips seemed like they warranted their own post by themselves, so I lumped them together because they fell under a single common thread:  stuff I wish I'd done sooner. While no one tip has drastically changed my life (except, perhaps, the last one on the list), here's a little secret:  the real time-savers are the simple things.  The stuff that you … [Read more...]

Time Tips: Smooth Transitions with Big Projects


I'm a big believer in marking significant moments with a photo... and often, a selfie.  Especially a goofy one. I admit it.  I take lots of selfies.  I suppose for a gal who lives alone and documents her DIY life on the internet, I have a good excuse.  Several, in fact. Charlie has no thumbs, so there's usually no one else to take them. Try as he might when he visits, Dad is still learning how not to turn the iPhone from camera to video (every. time.) The rareness of great … [Read more...]

Time Tips: Six Ways to Renew Your Motivation


Motivation can be a tricky thing.  When it comes to DIY projects, my motivation to begin them is ceaseless; my motivation to finish them ebbs and flows.  And sometimes, when the work day is extra long and I have school projects due the next day, finding the desire to do anything at all is damn near impossible.  So when it comes to forging ahead, what can you do to get yourself going?  Here are my favorite tips: It's OKAY. Say it with me:  It's OKAY that I'm not feeling very motivated … [Read more...]

Time Tips: Letting Go


Quick:  You woke up late out of bed.  The dog jumped the fence.  You just know you're going to be late for work.  And if you're late for work, you have to stay late, and then you'll have to rush to the meeting with your grad school group after, and you'll have to cancel dinner with your friend, and that blog post definitely won't be up by morning.  The domino effect means your day is ruined, and it's not even 7:15 AM! Just how and the heck do you prevent one (or two or three) wrong move(s) from … [Read more...]

Time Tips: Why Your Couch Is Evil

time tips

Hey there!  Back with another post about how to manage your time more effectively.  And after both promising that this would be a series and then keeping that promise with another post only a week later.  It's a shiny new me, I tell ya.  If you're finding this post and at all confused as to why a home improvement blog is providing time management & organization tips, read here. Today's tip is my absolute favorite one to give.  I could go on and on about this alone because of the … [Read more...]

You Asked, I Answered: Introducing “Time Tips” Series


I've only done one real reader survey with this blog.  From it, I realized three main things: I wish I would have done a survey sooner, and more often.  You guys are awesome, and I am so grateful that you take time out of your day to read about what's going on in my little teeny corner of this planet. Apparently, you guys want me to talk more about me.  Which feels very odd, like I'm going to start alienating you all when you realize how awkward and disorganized I am.  But I hope you've … [Read more...]