Friday Finds


The kitchen is going to be one of my top priorities this weekend. But then again, there's also FOOTBALL. Two new developments in the kitchen though:  I think I've found the replacement … [Read more...]

Make It Work

Tim Gunn, eat your heart out.  I've finally figured out how to work with all of the pine trees in my backyard instead of working around them. Well, technically I guess that's not true.  I'm still … [Read more...]

Kitchens: Two-Tone Cabinets

My kitchen is technically interior project #3 on the list this year (first the stairs/living room re-do, then the dining room, then the kitchen).  So even though I've got a while to decide on what I … [Read more...]

#DIYcember on Instagram

Want to know something?  Getting stuff done feels goooooood.  The dining room walls look like crapola at the moment.  You know what they don't look like, though?  Wallpaper. All of that is gonzo. … [Read more...]

Counting Down

It's one of those weeks again.  Where I'm making progress on the house, getting laundry done... and then bam.Oh, right, I have something due in this class.And this quiz is due Wednesday.And I need to … [Read more...]

Dusty Plans

It's the last weekend before school starts up again.  And since I'm having a little bit of a motivation problem right now, I thought it might be best to write down what I'm intending to finish off … [Read more...]