Console Table

I’ve found the perfect little table to go in the entryway.  But at $99.99, I think this little fella is a bit too much for 4 legs and two pieces of wood.  It’s kind of like a grown-up version of the dog dish stand that Scott and I put together last week for Colby.

Modern Console Table – Target:  $20 (+ $79.99 for overpricing tax)

There’s no way I’m forking over that much moolah for such a simply constructed table.  Made of MDF and veneer, no less.  And while the dog dish stand didn’t go quite as perfectly as we planned, I think it was a great trial run for what I didn’t realize would be our next project (funny how it happens that way, eh?).

So, the plan is:

  • Wing it.  Use just the basic dimensions to build a table.  This one is 31.5″ x 30″ x 11″.
  • Save myself a little dough by making it myself out of wood – customized to fit our entryway (bonus!)
  • Fill in any nail holes with wood filler
  • Give myself an obligatory pat on the back for doing it DIY style
  • Paint it a bright, fun color for some extra pop
  • Possibly stencil the top???  I have a different idea than what you might think (hint:  no birds, trellis patterns, or branch and leaf combos)

What color would you paint it?  I’m going to keep the color I’ve chosen a secret until the big reveal, but I’m excited to see how many of you come up with the same one.


  1. says

    Well… I'm betting that you would paint it yellow. If it were me, I'd stain the top and paint the rest white. :)

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    YAY for a DIY console table! You're right, there's no reason to spend that much $$ on something so simple (that's what I've learned after living with my husband for 3 years). You can totally handle this one.

    Since you said a fun, bright color… I'm going to guess turquoise.

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