Corbel Contemplating

When I picked up this corbel a few weeks ago, I thought that it might wind up as a nightstand in the guest bedroom similar to how other bloggers have done here and here.

But now, I’m thinking it’s too pretty and quirky to tuck away in a bedroom that I haven’t actually had anyone sleep in since moving in (which is mostly my fault as it hasn’t taken priority to actually decorate over the other rooms like the one with a working toilet).  Now, I’m thinking that this little decorative nugget deserves to be featured in the entryway.  So I propped her up to see if I liked it.  Of course, it will go much higher up on the wall (about waist level so I can use the area on top as a place to dump my keys).

Yep, I think this is where it’ll go.  But I have to figure out what to put on top.  I guess I’m basically at the playing stage with these parts of the house.  Things will take their time to come together, but in the end, they will be very personalized and unique.  Or they’ll look like a hot mess (which might be the same thing depending on the person).

Have you been making any small tweaks around the house lately?  Or buy something and didn’t know where you’d put it?

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  1. says

    I love it! And I pick up stuff all the time that I don’t really know where I’ll put, but it was so interesting and I knew I’d find something to do with it!

    • Sarah says

      Very pretty! I think I’m going to make it some kind of small shelf instead of sconces, but those look awesome!

  2. says

    I like that you noticed the character in that piece and didn’t hide it next to a bed in an unused room. I’m sure you will found out exactly how to use it and I’m excited to see the result.

  3. says

    Love it! I once found a corbel. It jumped into my arms & begged me to come home. It spent it’s life in various rooms, as a bookend, a pillar-candle holder, and lastly, as a small shelf. I married it with a small piece of granite I got for free on craigslist – you could use any piece of salvage though – I can totally see this mounted on a shutter, with another on top as a shelf…

  4. says

    you could get a glass shelf and some pelican brackets from home depot and use the corbel to hold up one side, and a bracked to hold the other (they’re silver and unobtrusive), so you have a nice glass shelf to hold your keys.

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