Design Your Own Fabric

I’m far from the first person to ever discuss this I’m sure, but I’ve been at wits end with fabric shopping and thought I’d share this with you all.

I seem to get really frustrated in fabric stores.  I get lost and overwhelmed with all of the choices available to me, wind up wanting ones that aren’t in my planned color scheme (simply because they are pretty), or get irritated that I can’t track down the one I saw from the internet (I would prefer to see the color in person).

Recently, I’ve stumbled upon Spoonflower, a site where you can not only buy yards of fabric designed by artists, but design some of your own.  And it’s stupid easy.  All you have to do is upload an image, like the one below (something I made up in about 30 seconds).

Change the color…

And order!  At less than $15 for a fat quarter (21″ by 18″, enough to make one side of a pillow), this is a phenomenal alternative than spending hours pouring over designs that are close, but not exactly what you want.  As a member of the Atlanta chapter of the nitpicky perfectionists club (kidding), I. am. so. in.

And for you aspiring graphic or print designers out there, you can even sell your designs to others and make a profit from the sale!  I’m big fat loving this concept myself.  If you don’t want to sell, you can still show off your work and make your designs public.  But fear not, like the ones you can see in my own Spoonflower profile, no one is able to purchase a yard of your design without first giving your consent to sell.  They will even place a watermark all over your image to protect it.

At a loss for design ideas and want to do browsing the old-fashioned way?  They have that option, too.  You can browse, save your favorites, and check out other user collections.  For example, if you’re just dying to take on the squid trend, there are tons of prints from other members who are willing to sell you their designs.

I’m just getting started designing my own, but playing around with this is so much fun.  This is probably the direction I’ll go in when it comes to pillows, but I’ll probably stick to the more traditional shopping method when it comes time to purchase bolts for my DIY curtains.  If you have a Spoonflower account already, feel free to link it to this post.  I’d love to check out what you’ve been working on!

**I was not compensated in any way for giving my opinion about this site.  I just think it’s neat!

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  1. says

    Sweet! I'm totally going to look into this. I've been searching for the perfect fabric for forever.. but designing my own? I can totally do that.

    Thanks for the heads up! You might be seeing me on there in the future…

  2. says

    I found this via Between Naps On The Porch… what a fun thing to do! Might have to try this sometime… I love old doors, as well…. I love LoTs of OlD things!

  3. Shannon Tadlock says

    I have several drawings which people have encouraged me to sell to fabric houses. How do I go about doing this?

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