Dining Room

Dining Room: Paint!

Okay, so we’ve both been waiting long enough for this one. My dining room has NEW PAINT, BABY.


This is the first room where I’ve ever gone BIG with color. I stepped outside my comfort zone of gray (and more gray) and went for deep, moody, vibrant blue. And so far, I’m really, really liking it.

Remember how I did my mom and dad’s dining room using Olympic ONE Paint + Primer? During that same trip to the hardware store, I snagged a gallon for myself as well.

I hadn’t yet chosen the actual paint swatch for the room at the time, so I decided to take a gamble and find out if their coverage really was as good as the claims; if it could take these walls from this:

… to, well, anything that even came close to the deep blue walls I’d been hoping for, I would be satisfied. But I still wondered if I could get the coverage I needed in a single gallon, or if I’d have to spend days trying to fill in patchy areas (always a concern when you’re doing a big color change like this).

After waiting the appropriate dry time from all of the prep and priming work, the walls were sealed and ready to go. I slapped the first coat on and had two initial thoughts:

1. This is definitely the color I wanted (and I’m kind of shocked; without using an actual paint swipe on the wall first, I just picked out my gallon and went with it).

2. The first coat was definitely looking a little… patchy. But the paint was going on nice and thick, and I also noticed that, like my last experience painting at Mom and Dad’s, there was very little splatter (and given the color, I would have noticed for sure).

Nonetheless, this isn’t my first paint rodeo. Second coats can make a world of difference. And boy, did it:

I’ve just gotta say it again… bla-DOW.

The paint color, called Smoke Blue (Olympic) was inspired by the curtains I’ve purchased for the room (um, like a year ago). You can see the whole mood board here to see where this is eventually going, though the final wall on the right will need to be finished to put everything back in place (it was just giving me more problems with the drywall repair than the others, but it’s just a matter of executing the solution at this point).

The color itself tends to shift throughout the day (and in these photos). The room gets light from just the one window on the right, so when it’s bright out, the room looks more vibrant. But the window also faces the back yard, which gets a lot of filtered light most of the day, so it tends to look a little more muted in reality. The shadows bouncing around in this room are also a little weird, which is why the pic below looks like it’s got a great big smudge on the wall right where the light hits (even though it doesn’t).

It’s hard to think back on how much effort this room really took.  This was how the same corner looked when I moved in and ripped up the old brown carpet:

And now, it’s looking a lot more sophisticated. I’ve still got a number of things to add, like new rugs, a new light fixture, and some art (I’m thinking of DIYing that too). But nothing quite beats a big paint job like this!

In the coming months, I’ll do a recap to show you how the paint has worn over time (or as Olympic likes to put it, #uptothetest). A few other bloggers have been testing their paint out too, so if you’d like to see more, head over to Making a House a Home, The DIY Village, and DIO Home Improvements for more great before + afters.

Olympic Smoke Blue dining room

Disclosure: Many thanks to Olympic paint for sponsoring this post, providing the materials to get the room finished, and for giving me a deadline that forced me to get this room done (seriously). While this may have been done in partnership with Olympic and Good Housekeeping, all opinions expressed here are, as always, 100% my own.

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  1. Penni says

    Love it! And love what you did with the lower part of the walls. Dying to try something like that in my house!

  2. Ann says

    Job Well Done!!! I’m not the best at picturing a room decorated so I guess I will just have to wait and see how great it looks when it’s all finished.

  3. says

    I’m with you on “Bladow!”, it looks fantastic!

    I have a very similar colour combination in my own living room (picture on my blog if any are interested, under DIY) and I’m still loving it a couple of years later. Everyone who comes to the house likes the blue room the best, I think. It brings so much life and light, surprisingly. Have no fear about selling it with colour on the wall! :)

    Oh, and I totally want to do the lower wall section one day … so much envy :D

  4. says

    What an amazing reveal! You’ve done so much work on the dining room over the past few years – so many headaches! It must be incredible to walk in and see it in all it’s blue glory! Incredible!!! Love the color. Simply perfect.

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