Don’t Paint and Study

Finals were on Saturday, and I had high hopes for getting home.  I had a strange kink in my neck all week from studying, and it felt out of place not to have paint splatters across my arms.  But instead of getting home, putting on the familiar DIY uniform (ratty T-shirt with a caulk smudge or two, paint-splattered shorts), and getting to work… I got home, put the dog outside to enjoy the sun (and chase squirrels), and took a nap.My nap turned into sleeping all night and well into the afternoon the next day (apart from bringing in Charlie).  I felt a little guilty to be ignoring the gorgeous day outside, but I think I really just needed a defining end to a tough few months.Summer semester begins in June, which means I have five full weeks of DIY ahead of me without limitations.  To think I used to be busy before school, and now I think of it as freedom.

The first thing to finish is obviously where I left off in my “study-o.”  During a brief break last week, I took some leftover paint from the master bath and started painting the remaining two walls in the office.

After finishing almost the entire first coat, it dawned on me that I was using a satin sheen in the bathroom, leaving the walls looking very odd in comparison to the other two in a flat navy.  It was an oversight, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  I like the pale gray, but these two walls really should be brighter in comparison to the navy ones.  Ultra white would match the trim, and make for a heck of an easy job (since I won’t have to concern myself with perfect lines along the ceiling or trim).

Lesson learned:  when you know you’re this tired, maybe it’s time to put the paint brush down.

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  1. Rhiannon says

    I totally understand why you slept so long. After finishing my finals yesterday, I took a 16 hour “nap” until 11am today. :)

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